Bitch and Goddess, Lip and Heals

let your hair fly as free

let your lip be red like cherry

let your eyes be deep and smoky

wear your heals

and let us go!

stand so tall

and walk like goddess

kill a man with every step

let them see you

let them fear you

let them fall for you at once

fell like one

with mind and body

move like you are snake in dance

look a head

look at your future

look at yourself from a far ahead

smile the confidence

say stronger

never show them anything

let them wonder

and die from guessing

let them wanna see you once again

you are woman


and goddess



daughter and a wife

but before you are a nature

that creates the life on earth


One moment of my life I want to remeber

I was standing in a long taxi que for about 30 min and some smart !@#$% man was trying to get a taxi before anyone for sometime and no one was saying a word, I’ve stepped aside to through something into the garbage came back and another !@#@# man from the que was shouting at me for cutting the que, till others said that I was there from the long time. When I asked him ” are you shouting at me because i am a woman and you feel brave? why didnt you say anything to that guy who is trying to get a taxi avoiding a que for a while now?” All the women said ” Yes !!” i guess he will remember this for a while.