Two Rings – 10 –

– Alex! Alex!

Bong was trying to wake up his friend, they were late, but what was more confusing is how come they were in Young’s house not at Leah’s apartment. Before they all got drunk he clearly remembered Tina giving instruction to the bodyguards to take them to Leah’s place. Mr. Dan was already in the kitchen waiting for them to have breakfast.

– Alex wake up, your father is waiting for you.

Door opened and Dan entered the room. Bong gave a bow to his friend’s father and said

– I am sorry for this, i should have looked after him. I am sorry i can not wake him up.

Dan was looking at his son, who was still fighting with the alcohol in his blood, he looked at him and said.

– My son grew up a good man but bad drinker. I think i should have teach him at least this in this life.

Then he turned to Bong and gave him a smile.

– Don’t worry, if you are ready come and have breakfast with me, or you rather to wait for Alex.

Bong had a nervous smile on his face, and he didn’t know what to reply.

– Come and have a hang over soup, it will help you and leave Alex, let him sleep it over.

Dan took glass of water from the stand and make Alex to drink some water, Dan raised Alex’s head and said

– Drink a honey water it will help you,

Bong was so surprised to Dan’s reaction, he was expecting something completely opposite.

On the way to the kitchen Bong met Tina, who looked like nothing had happened last night, she was dressed in a comfortable closes but she had her make up on and she smiled to Bong and asked

– Are you ok?

– Tina, you look like you never drink last night.

Tina smiled and young boy and said

– This comes with years of experience. Come let’s have breakfast.

Bong had noticed that Tina and Dan hardly spoken with each other over the meal, they did not even looked at each other much and this whole situation made Bong feel more uncomfortable.

Mr. Lee was sitting in the car waiting for Leah to finish with the pictures of the land, it has been more than an hour since they have arrived to this place, they had to take last boat today so she did’t wanted to waste any of her time, they have come here before the sun rise, she wanted to see the view on the sunrise, she said that she wanted to make sure her father had a clear view on a sunrise every morning from his window. He was looking at her from the car and his thought took him to the day when he first met her. Leah’s real father had hired him to drive Leah to school. She was such a sweet child, he remembered how she greeted him for the first time

– Mr. Lee, nice to meet you, now we will have to see each other almost everyday, please take a good care about me, because when i will grow up i will take care about you.

Those words were forever engraved in his heart, from that moment he took care of her as if she was his own child. The day when her parents had tragically died, he had no doubt that he would follow her no matter where she will go, It was his luck that Mr. Young took him without any doubts, just for a sake of Leah’s feeling, he even thanked Mr. Lee for his loyalty towards to Leah.

That day when she was kidnaped Mr. Lee was away, he was visiting his sick father, on the same day his father had passed away and he had to stay back. He never knew about what happened till he resumed back to work. He left the job the same day, without saying even a word to Leah, he just send her a note with the simple ” I am sorry I could not keep my promise”, he could not look at her face after all what happened.

The very next day Leah came to his house by her self and begged him to come back. ” I can not lose one more person in my life” she said to him, wile they both sit opposite each other on their bend knees.

Mr. Lee was asking for her forgiveness

Leah begged him to stay by her side.

Mr. Lee then moved with them to states and spend many years taking care  about Alex and Leah, when they all returned to Korea Mr. Lee finally got married and when he finally started to think that everything was normal, Tony passed away and Leah again was in emotional disorder. He was worried about her a lot.

The day when she had decided to move to Busan, she invited him for a dinner, while telling him about her decision to move, she as well was telling him about her decision not to take Mr. Lee with her, instead she had requested to send another two body guards with her, one for her and one for Alex, as per her it was only because of her father, she did’t want to have more reasons to worry about him, and as along as Mr. Lee gonna look after her father, she will be at peace, leaving him in Seoul and move to Busan. He knew that she didn’t want to take him with her, because she didn’t want him to leave his family. No arguments were accepted, thou they both knew that Dan had a strongest security in the country.

Mr. Lee was looking at Leah; now all grown up, she indeed took care of him all this times, she paid  his wedding expenses, she send his children to the best school, she helped him with the house.

” Pleas take a good care about me and when i will grow up i will take a good care bout you”

Those words where always in his mind, even when he found Rick’s father drunk on the streets and he made sure this man was never sober.

– Mr. Lee we can now go back to the hotel, i need to change for a meeting I will pack my staff and keep them in the car so we can straight move to the port.

– I have requested a breakfast to be ready in your room, please make sure you eat something before you leave the hotel.

Leah smiled at Mr. Lee who was looking straight and concentrating on a driving.

– Thank you.

She said and looked outside the window

– you are going to build a beautiful house here. I have no doubt

– thank you.


Two rings -9-

Rick and Helen were staying for a night at the house of their grand mother, the house was old but well maintained. Rick every year tried is best to make a light refurbishment and made sure that his grandmother has everything she needs to feel comfortable. Their grand mother was old, but  she still managed to live a busy life, looking after the pets and chickens, and small garden she had. She lived with their aunty who was a widower.

In the early evening Rick had met his childhood friend for a drink, he always enjoying the company of his friend, because he lived a different from him life, he was married has kids and he was always telling Rick different stories about happening in the island. listening those stories always made Rick wanna settle in the Island, he loved Jeju a lot.

– you know we have so many new hotels opening in the beach area next year, the construction are going on like crazy, we have lots of work this days, the pay is not bad and good things the pay is always on time.

– this is really good to hear, i was wondering how did you managed to survive last year.

– don’t tell me, it was really hard for me and my family, but this year is different. Right now we are building a new hotel with Yang constructions, and its their first project on a Island, and at the same time we are building a house for the honer of the company.

– Yang construction? I know this family

– really. how close you are to them? they are really very rich. I saw today Dan Yang, he looked very presentable and very down to earth, he shake hands with workers on the way and thanked them for a hard work, then arrange the food delivery for the shift. I am telling in my work history it is for the first time.

– i met him once, he is really a very kind person and he really look simple.

– his daughter as well.

– you saw his daughter, which one? The one who do not take flights, and always travels to Jeju by boat.


– yeah she is here too, she came to check the land for the house, she was sitting there for a long time, taking pictures and making some notes. they told me she will design the house. And I heard the managers told to the other that she was very smart, she came already knowing everything about the landscape of the island. I think she might stay here for a day or so.

– do you know where is the piece the of that land?

on the way back home Rick had picked up Helen, who was with her ex classmates, enjoying karaoke and they walk home together, talking about the memories about the island, about their mother and about how they find it difficult to speak on the islands dialect at first.

– Brother, sometimes i think our mom was the happiest when we were here, i think she enjoyed it the most, I remember her smiling here the more then we were in Seoul.

– mm, now thinking of it, i think you are right. Our Mom had the most beautiful smile, the smile that could heal the wounds and take away all pain.

– may be all those wounds and pain had stuck with her, thats why she got sick.

– May be.

Rick sat in front of his sister and offer her a piggy back ride.

– I am not a little anymore, and i weight a lot more now.

– don’t worry, your brother will always be stronger for you.

– one day when you will get married, i will have to share you with your wife, so please be careful when you will chose.

– don’t worry, the one I have chosen is going to be so great to you, you will be surprised.

– what? you have decided to marry?

Rick laughed and gave a sign to his sister that he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. But the thought of his marriage to Tina was a painful subject for him, thou Tina was not in hurry, he was still thinking that it was something too early even to discuss. So they have spent a night together, so they have had what they have had, but in this century it is not a reason for a marriage.

” Ah i wish i could remember the night, at least”

Dan had scheduled  late flight for his private jet to Seul so he could have a dinner with Leah and talk to her about so many things. Dan knew that Leah will finish late but Dan did not want to lose his chance of one on one conversation with her. It’s been a month since they could have a time for each other, Leah took too many projects and now the house, she was running non stop and this is what worried Dan the most.

Alex was drinking in the Heaven with Bong, Bong was invited to the club by Alex and they were in their private zone, with curtains down, slowly drinking glass after glass.

– If leah will know ,we are going to be in a big trouble.

Alex took another glass in and said

– She is in Jeju for couple of days, Mr. Lee is with her, and the rest guys i can handle.

– is everything ok with you? This is the first time i see you like this.

– Do you remember i have told you once that me and Lean has been kidnaped once.

– yes

– so that man who had did it, died couple days ago. I should have found him first and beat him up for all what he did to my sister and me, i should have found him and kill him myself, at least one punch, i wanted him to look in to my eyes awhile he was suffering from pain, i wanted to see him suffering.

– Alex! all this time it’s still hints you, I thought you have moved on.

– I still see him at nights, i still see him….

The door got opened and Tina walked inside the room. Bong stood and gave his greetings.

– Bong nice to see you, sit lets drink.

Alex pour a glass for his sister and with no words to say for each other they took their glasses in, then another one right after. Then Tina moved to her brother’s side and put her hand around his shoulders and said

– Only today, and i will do it with you, only today and tomorrow you will put this things behind you, for Lean, you will erase everything about this man from your memory.

Alex throw the glass agains the wall and cream so loud, Bong raised from his seat, and Tina make a sign to Bong to sit back, she took a new glass and poured a drink and gave it to Alex

– Drink, we need to get it over with. Bong, you drink too, today we drink till we pass out, so we will wake up to a new tomorrow.

In a hour, Jang saw how three big guards were taking three drunk people to the underground parking.

– Mr Lee did you check on Alex today, i was trying to call him but his phone is off.

– yes he was with Bong today they were playing bowling and then Tina joined then and t look them for a dinner.

– Tina took them for dinner? really? Hmm

It was for a first time Mr Lee had lied to Lean, he perfectly knew what was happening in Seoul, after all he hired those man, one after one, he hired the best guards in the country and they have never failed him so far. But in the afternoon, he had received a message from Dan ” Only for today, don’t tell Lean what Alex is doing, only today tell your men, to take easy on him and Tina”

Dan was sitting in his hotel suit and looking at the SMS he had received from Tina. “Father, you know what is the day today, me and Alex will celebrate, so please keep your guards out of it, today me and Alex will send of this man to hell in our own way”

Lean was inside the suite looking at he father and smiled

– what is this you are thinking about?

Dan smiled and looked at his daughter, he got up from the chair and gave her a big hug.

– Mr, Lee, please ask them to serve the dinner.

Dan gave instructions to Mr. Lee still hugging Lean.

– i didn’t know you miss me this much,

– i miss you always, but right now i want to pass you some of my energy, because i feel like you are look so tiered and weak.

– Father, you are mistaken.

in few minutes the table was set for dinner and when Lean saw the food she was shocked

– what is it?, is it some kind of celebration, its enough to feed an army.

– the food on this island is very good for your health so you must eat a bit of everything, i am worried about you, you took another project, this time even did not asked me about it.

– Sorry,

she said, asking like a small girl

– I took it because it is very interesting, and the project will start right after i will finish the current one, its something i have never tried, i always wanted to put my hand on a project that involves a connection bridges.

– Ok, but this is going to be your last project, after you finish the project, you and I both will travel a bit and then you have to take over the company, i want to retire.

Lean put the spoon back on the table and looked at her father, who was busy sipping his soup.

– father, please give me few more years, i still need time, i won’t be able to do it without you. I knew that sooner or later this day will come, and i have always made myself ready for it, but i never knew this will happen this soon. Are you not feeling well? may be you need just take a bit of rest.

– don’t worry i am not going to leave you alone at once, You are right couple of year i will be by your side, i will guide you, don’t worry, but you must stop taking project, and start to work in the head quarters.

Lean did not want to argue with her father anymore, she perfectly knew that, he had been waiting for her for quite sometime now, he needed her help and she suddenly felt sorry.

– Sorry father, i know i have supposed to help you and start with you at head quarters years back, You are right, i will not take more projects, this is the last one and once we finish the house too, you can move here and enjoy the island. Please forgive me, father.

– Khmm, know you make me feel guilty a it, stop saying sorry, eat and eat a lot.

Lean smiled and said

– yes father, i will today till i will explode.

Lean later took her father to the airport and on the way she told him that she had visited her teacher.

– really? you did good, i bet she was happy to see you, i bet she is happy to know that you still remembering her.

– yeah and i saw another flowers there, i think se has some family members  are still visiting her. She was so beautiful and so talented, She was one of the reason i did;t want to leave Korea that time. I missed her a lot in States, she was a great teacher, and i have learned so much from her.

Dan listen to his daughter and quietly looked outside the window, looking at the dark street of the Island, Today when he visited her too, he told her that for the first time in so many years, he wished they had never met and he wished that he never loved her so much, and he asked her to look after his children and ask her to do something to ease their pain that her husband has caused.

– One time she told me that when she found her true love she had become much better at art and when she had lost her love he had become much stronger in her art. And i have realised not long ago, that once i was good at my art and now i am just strong and accurate, rather then passionate.

Dam looked at her, removed her hands from the rings she was holding and said.

– one day you will find your passion again, you will find your passion for art and for love. I am sure about it. The love that stored inside you is yet to come out and spread like a volcano. and just like this Island, it will turn out to be beautiful and will bring you lots of wonders.

Lean put her head on her fathers shoulder and wrapped his arm with hers and nodded her head.

– I really hope for it, my daughter, my precious daughter.

In the night of the same day, Tina and Alex let the alcohol to fight with their bad memories, and Dan was trying to fight his own thought about his one and only love. Lean was fighting her thought about the future and Rick was  just staring at the stars and thinking about how his mother once said to him.

“one day when you will find your true love, that love will even outshine the brightest star on the darkest sky for you.”

– somehow all the stars are so bright for me, even the smallest star is still shines brightly for me.

Two Rings -8-

It was a night with the full moon, and all the members of Yang family could not sleep, this day had woken their memories back into their lives. Tina was going through the paper she had been collected for so many years, articles about Rick, information about his parents and pictures of his young sister. Dan was quietly crying his pain out with Leah’s picture in his hand and with the present address of Rick’s father. Alex was sitting at the window and looking at the moon, holding a small camping knife in one hand and the picture of a man who kidnaped him once and leah was standing at the studio in front of her unfinished work and after covering it she touch the rings on her neck turned around and looked at her picture when she was 16, and thought that no matter to which side of this room she would look at, both are bringing her only pain.

And in another side of the city Rick was drinking alone in the dark holding a letter from Lee Ah to his mother, the letter his mother never had a chance to read.

in the morning Dan was waiting for his children for breakfast, Leah was the first one to join him at the table, with the bright smile she asked him if he slept well and with he gave her a smile back and asked

– I want a new house by the beach, what you say?

leah looked at her father with the surprise

– why suddenly?

– i want a new house with only good memories

– this is a great idea Daddy

Tina said while joining them at the table, looking at her father with the smile, and Dan smiled at her back.

– I think Alex will not be happy about it,

Leah said looking at her brother slowly taking the stairs down.

Alex was walking down the stairs, with hair still messed up, he did not faced his father, nor brush his teeth, when he reach the table he bow deep and said

– Good morning my elders.

and sat next to Leah and waited till his sister will put some food for him on his plate. Dan was looking at them and said

– no matter if he is 5 or 20 Leah you still treat him as a boy,

Alex smiled at his sister and said

– Sis, even when i am 40 please treat me the same, because i love it.

Leah look at her father and asked

– Father your eyes are swollen a  bit, i think you need to check your blood pressure. I shall call for a doctor.

Tina looked at her father trying to find the explanation then he looked at Tina, Tina came to his rescue

– i bet its all bout that late night ramen he ate

– ramen? Dad you still do that?

Alex was looking at his father and said

– next time at least call me.

Leah gave Alex a look and made him stop talking, he looked at her father and said

– Dad what about a chess game later?

– yes, why not, today i am all yours i hope you all stay home with me today and we spend some quality time together.

– Dad, when will you let me drive my car?

Leah pinched his arm and point at his table, letting him understand that its not a time.

– I have a date with Rick later today, but till then I am free. But i am not watching you two old people playing that boring game for hours.

After breakfast everyone went to their rooms, Alex to take shower, Tina to catch up with work appears, Leah to make calls regarding the work and Dan to check on information he asked for regarding Rick’s father.

And in Rick’s house Hana was trying to sober up her brother.

– Dad its time for you to give up the game.

Alex said watching at the chess desk, sitting between his sister and his father.

– no i still have a chance

Leah smile and said

– yes father, you still have chance. Alex look at ti closely i think you can see it as well, there is one move that can save him from losing this game to me.

Alex noticed a slight wink sister showed him, it was a sign, so Alex moved to his father side to have a close look at this situation, when he got it he said

– yes, you are right sis.

Lean looked at her brother with the smile and said

– Let’s see if father can find it. Father, if i win this game i want you to ease my security, from 3 to 1.

Dan looked at her daughter and as Tina said he had the pain in his heart

– no way

– then you must win this game

– Alex, you must help me, this game i must win no matter what.

Alex clap his hand as if he won the game

– Dad i will help you with one condition, you will let me drive my car.

– No way

– you will let me drive my own car but i will still ok with guard follow me around in their cars.

Dan, made the sound of cough and said

– ok

Leah had made another acting act by saying

– Alex i have never expect this from you, in the end you betrayed me, and i thought you will always be on my side.

in the evening on a same day, Dan was alone in a big house, sitting in study room and looking at the picture on his computer, the picture had been send to him by e mail. On those picture was Rick’s father, pictures of a homeless man, wondering the streets of the small city, drunk, dirty and obviously very sick. As it was said, this man was beaten up so many times, he had a liver cancer, due to drinking and he already had few months to live.

in the evening on a same day Rick took his sister for a ride on his new car, thou the guards were still following them, Alex was happy to have his own car, his own small space. On the way they picked up Bong and three of them enjoyed some street food and late night stroll in a night market.

In the evening on a same day Tina was at the club with Rick, they dance and drink and dance and drink, later they went into the hotel and spend the night together. It was a part of a revenge for Tina and it was something Rick will not even remember in the morning. But he will be told by Tina that after that night Rick will have to marry her, because there is no other way for her, and he have to take responsibility.

One month later Rick’s father has passed away and with Helen they both went to Jeju to spread his ashes. Dan has given instruction to notify Rick about his father, without letting him know the details.

After they finish with the fathers funeral, both went to visit their mother, there were flowers placed looks like the day before.

– Oh flowers again.

Said Helen then bowed to her Mother and said

– Mom we sent father to you today. I am not sure if you are happy to met him again.

Rick put his hand on his young sister shoulder and looked at his mother’s picture

– We are fine Mom, you don’t have to worry about us any more, I promise Helen will get a good education and she i will make sure she will marry a good man. I can see you were not so lonely here, who is bringing you this flowers all this years?

– yes, mother and i can see two people came to see you this time.

Leah was on a construction project in Jeju, busy talking with the construction team, she did not even noticed her own father who was looking at her from the side.

– increase the guard of Tina, i want to know everything she does, screen all her calls and report to me each person she meets. Its time for her to be transferred to Seoul, speak to the Head of the company and tell him i need him to come up with the solution, but so she will not notice anything.

– yes sir

– Did you assigned one person to follow Rick?

– yes as you have requested.

– are they in the Island?

– yes sir, visiting their mother.

– make sure you update me on daily basis,

– yes sir.

– Speak to LAT, tell them they need to sign him and make sure Tina is not aware its my doing.


Tina just received a call and news about the Rick’s father, she dialled another number and it was not Rick

– That man has died. we need to celebrate.

Two rings -7-

Rick was sitting on a pink sofa and he had his mind going crazy what all what happened in a last few minutes. He was looking at Tina but thinking about Lee Ah, a girl he was in love with in a high school, the one he was trying to find during his famous times right till he entered the army.

– I can see you are nervous

Tin said, sitting next to him, she wrapped his arm and put her head oh his shoulder and said

– Don’t worry, my father is the last person you need to worry about, he is very simple person, just a little bit over protective.

Rick finally manage to put himself together, he looked at time, kissed her hair and said

– he is your father, after all, and i feel like running away from this place, like a small kid who is running away from being punished or judged what what he did.

Tina smiled but did not show it to Rick.

– Lets go! they must be waiting for us.

By the pool when all the young boys where having so much fun, Dan was caught in his thought, after Leah told him that Tina is dating her art teacher’s son. And no matte how she praised him, before meeting him, Dan already wanted to set them apart.

– Daddy!!

Tina was running toward her father.

Dan with the forced smile, trying hard to pretend opened his arms for his daughter, who will always be his little princess, who has bubbly personality, kind and clueless heart.

– I miss you my princess.

– i miss you to my King.

Rick gave a deep bow and introduced him self to Dan.

Mr. Yang had greeted Rick with the smile, he looked at him studying him, shook his hand firmly and wish him to enjoy the party, and left, saying he has work to finish.

Rick search for Leah in the pool and found her setting the table with the food, Alex was running next to her trying and making her smile, then she pushed him into the water and  made a small jump enjoying the fun.

– i love seeing her like this, it happens very seldom, thou she smiles a lot now, it still not usual her.

Rick looked at time , who was watching her sister as well.

– you might remember her in school, one day i want to hear how you remember her.

Rick did not hide his surprise look,

– how you know?

Tina smiled at Rick and said

– i know.

Then she wrapped his arm again and asked if he is hungry, but Rick was so confused all he needed is a time alone to put this mind together.

Tina did not try to stop him from leaving, she made him promise her that they will spend everyday together till she has to leave back. Rick promised and after saying good bye to the rest people and Leah, he left.

And the party going on.

Dan was sitting in his study, drinking whisky and looking at the window, watching how Rick driving away.

– they are so much a like, aren’t they?

Dan turned and find Tina standing by the door, she entered the house and close the door.

– Tina,

She stood next to her father looking outside the window and said

– I know you loved his mother, this is why you took Leah to that school, and i know that it was his father, who kidnaped Leah and Alex, and i know because of his mother you let him go and took Leah and Alex way from me.

– Tina,

Tina did not give his father a chance to speak

– I will make him pay for it.

Dan looked at his daughter and could not believe to what he heard and to what he saw, he never imagine his Tina like this and he never imagine to hear anything like this from his princess. The look in her face was like she was someone else, a complete stranger.

Tina continued, but without even looking at her father.

– Do you remember that day when you first brought Leah to our house?  I mark the day as a special day, because me and Alex had finally learn what is the meaning of a family. You told us that thou we are not blood related, she should be treated as our real sister. At first I was jealous that she will take you away from me, Alex was too small, he got attached to her so quickly, and i felt like she was talking my family away from me. Mother never cared about us much, you were always busy at work, Alex now had Leah and i had nobody. One day at school i was given a homework, which i din’t do it, because it was a coloured paper craft and i was supposed to do it with my parent so i just decide to to be scored by teacher rather than ask Mother to help me. But at the middle of the night i woke up and saw a light coming to my room from the corridor, and my door was a bit opened, i walked to the door and saw Leah doing my home work for me on the floor, her hands were covered in glue, colour papers all around her.  Next morning i found it on my table and for the few days she never even asked me about it, never even asked to me to thank her.  Next week i went to her myself with my next assignment and we did it together. She packed my lunch box every morning, she did my hair, she helped me with my home work. After all this i still did not want to accept her, only when I saw her on her knees in front of mother asking her to stay for me and Alex, because we needed her, and offered her to leave if it will make her stay, Mother said to her that she rather keep her at this house, because like this she feels less guilty leaving for Europe and staying there as much as she wants, because she could use her as a excuse for leaving. Leah said with the tears in her eyes, that she is worried about me the most, “Tina need a mother not a sister, every child needs their mother, because nobody can replace the love of mother. Tina is a fragile if you will not give her your attention and your love right now, she will lose all her loveable nature, she will stop trust people, she will not be able learn what is it to be loved and to share the love” and in return mother said “don’t compere yourself to Tina, she will never be like you, she will never be orphan and she will never have to live in the strangers house, she will be strong and with a power, because she will have money, and money will give her everything she will need”. After that Leah got up and with a bow she relied. “have a safe trip, and i promise i will take care about Tina and Alex, i will do my best to give them much attention so they won’t feel lonely without you. And please let us know once you rich safely and settled in Paris”

Tina wiped her tears and continued

– I lost my love and respect for my own mother that day, but i have gained so my confidence in life because i got Leah next to me. from that same moment i looked only at her, i relied only on her, in everything in my life. After they have been rescued, remember, Alex refused to leave hospital without her, thats why he slept on the sofa, he didn’t even want to change his closed and the stink was all over the room, but he still refused, he did not let anyone to touch him, only when she finally woke up, only when she finally could say a word, only after he hugged her and saw her smile he let people change his clothe and give him a shower in the hospital room, and for the next 3 days, he was sleeping with Leah in the same hospital bed, eating with her, reading to her.

Dan sat at the desk and made himself another drink, he did remember every second of those days, and the feeling of sadness, guiltiness and anger was awaking in his heart. He will never forget this incident, never ever in his life, this is the reason why he has always protected his own children with double security guards. he finally looked at Tina and said

– I remember how you cried in your room, and telling me that you wish you could do something for Leah, to feel her less in pain, I remember you told me that you wish it was you not Leah who had suffer.

– I was angry, and tears had never helped me, no mater how loud i was trying to scream, no matter how many pillows i teared, this anger till now is very strong. I always wondered how could you managed to control it, You daughter at age 16 was molested by the husband of the woman you have loved all your life.

right after this words, Dan got frozen in shock.

– I know you never knew that, Leah till now doesn’t know it. Alex told me that when Leah had lost her conscious, man removed his pants and touched her everywhere. Alex  was too small to understand it, so i told him not to tell this to anyone and just forget about it. One night Alex called me in a middle of the night crying his lungs out, because he saw the night mare and he remembered what he saw, That time they were in states, Alex had skipped the school and wondered in the park the whole day, before calling me. I promised him that i will make that man pay for what he did, i have promised him that i will make him suffer too.

Tina refused to look at her father, because she knew what he is going through right at that moment, she wanted him to understand the mistake he has done by letting that man go with out a proper punishment.

– all you did is made him lose his job and leave Seoul, this all what you did, because he was a man of the woman you loved all your life, you made the choice and now when she is not on this earth you will have to live with the guilt and regret. Each time you will look at Leah, your heart will be in pain, each time i will look at Leah i will hate Rick more and will wanna hurt him more, each time i hear Alex voice i will remember his call and i will wanna hurt Rick more, because he is the only person who is alive, because his father is already near to the place where he can meet his wife.

Tina stopped her talk and left the room, leaving her father to manage this thoughts. while walking to her room she stopped by the parent’s bedroom, she opened the door and looked at the room, this room she will always remember as a room where her mother told to Dan that his punishment for love for the other woman will bring him more pain that he ever thought. She told him that his is not the one to suffer any more, it has effected his kids as well, this is where she told him that she is leaving him for good, because he does;t want to be a part of it, and the part of his family.

– this woman love had cursed you and this curse is now on your children. Her husband is a victim just like me, we both decided to take advantage out of it, with out even knowing each other, he wanted money and i want only money.

Tina closed the door and waked away, she stopped at the door of Leah’s room now, she touched the door but never opened it, because that room is full of pain. In side this room Leah cried when she was leaving for states, inside this room, Leah cried when Tony died, in side this room Leah screamed at nights after she returned from hospital, but yet it was the room of Leah, the room of Tina’s best friend, best sister, best person alive.

Two rings -6-

-Leah! Are you in there?

Tina was walking by the corridor and calling for her sister

– Yes we are in here

Leah replied and walked towards the door to meet her young sister. Two sisters embraced in a long hug and Tina give her sister many kisses on both of her cheeks.

– i missed you too

Said Leah smiling at her always baby acting sister and slowly released her self from her

– we have a guest and its your guest

– My guest? where?

Tina looked at the studio and started walk fast toward the other room. Rick was still looking at the picture, when Tina saw him he saw a strange look in his face, but the most what surprised her he did not even took his eyes of it and did not even rushed to great her.

– Rick?

Tin runed to a man wrapped her arms around his neck and asked

– you did not even told me you are going to meet my family. Without me? Are you trying to get closed to my family behind my back?

Rick put his hands around her waist, a bit surprised by Tina’s act he smiled and said

– Sorry! Leah and Alex invited me and it completely skipped my mind. I should have talk to you first, I am really sorry.

-Did you see my room yet?

– No Not yet

– Lets go!

She dragged him by his hand and they left Leah alone in her studio room.

Leah laughed at her cute sister and screamed to her

– Dad is home!

– Ok

Leah heard Tina’s reply already coming out from away.

She looked around the studio and took a step toward unfinished picture. So many things happened in this studio, Tony proposed her here, and the news of his death was heard first here, while she was working on the same picture. Then she walk toward her picture there she was only 16, she looked that picture and her memories moved her back to the days oh her last year in high school

Leah was walking back from school, as usual as they agreed with her father she will take a bus for only one stop and then car will wait for her to pick up, Driver was waiting for her outside the car and she she has already noticed that Alex was inside the car, waiting for her, it wasn’t that often when they would travel home together, but Alex sometimes secretly jump in to Mr. Cho’s car and come to pick her up, so he could ask his sister to play at the playground on the way home or eat some street food. Alex was 7.

-Sis, don’t be angry, I have already promised Mr. Cho I won’t do it again, please forgive me just for the last time, there was no body home mother again packed her bags i saw them in the hallway.

-I am not angry Alex, i even happy to see you today, lets get something yummy on the way home and eat it with Tina.

Alex was very happy for not being scolded, he gave a big smile to Leah and nodded his head with joy.

On the way home Leah had noticed that they re going by different, not usual way home.

-Mr. Cho, can you please stop by Chinese restaurant, we want to have some food before we go home.

Mr. Cho did not reply anything, and was just driving, looking a bit nervous.

Leah took her phone and send a message to his father ” SOS”

Next message she sent was the name of the road and the name of the sign boards she saw on the way. After that she slide closer to Alex and checked his sit belt. She smiled at Alex kissed him and said.

– Alex, remember how i told you that you are a big boy already, remember how i told you that even if you are only 7 you can act like a real man, no matter how tall you are, you can alway be strong inside in your heart. What is the rule number one our father taught us?

– never to panic !!

– never to panic!!

Both of them were brought to a remote area, were nothing but naked fields and only only old unfinished wooden cabin, They have entered inside the cabin, and another man came inside, he tied their hands and legs and let them sit on the floor. Alex his eyes full of tears but he never made a sound, he was not taking his eyes from his sister, and Leah did the same. They said no words because Leah already said everything to Alex in the car, and both were ready and they knew soon their father come to save them, all they need is just to wait a little bit and not panic.

Suddenly man started to look inside their school bags, this is when he found Leah’s Phone this is when he saw the messages and after to take out all his hanger he slapped Leah on her face, lift her from the floor and said

– You are smart girl, but one thing you don’t know, i can do one thing to you and then you life and the life of you father will be ruined forever, i can make you hate yourself and your life and make you hate your father for the rest of your life.

Man was shaking Leah left and right scream loudly, when Leah saw Alex trying to move closer to the man she screamed

– Alex Stay still, Don’t move !

This made Man even angrier he throw Leah to the corner so hard he hurt her head and went blank.

When she opened her eyes all she saw is black colour, for a sec she thought that she became blind but after she blinked few times she realised that it was night and dark inside

– Alex?

She called for her brother hardly bearing the pain in her body and head.

– Leah i am here.

after she heard his brother’s voice she tried to move but she could not, she was tied so tight to the something she could feel her arms.

– Leah are you ok? leah i am not hurt don’t worry about me, i can not move because they tied me too but i can see you because my eyes get used, You are bleeding.

– Its ok, Don’t worry, about me i am Going to be ok. Don’t worry a little bit more and father will come to save us, just try to sleep, and when you will wake up we will be home already.

– I am hungry, Leah, and I wet my pants. You said i can be man but man don’t wet heir pants.

Leah heard how her little brother started to cry, she knew he was holding up for too long and right now little boy is giving up.

– Alex you should not cry, even man do wet their pants but it is not about it, it is about how they handle this situation, you should not be ashamed of yourself right now, I am very proud of my little boy, you are brave very brave and strong. So now do as i said try to close your eyes and sleep like this we can return home sooner.

– Ok Leah, i will try.

Her eyes slowly started to get used to the darkness and she saw her brother in the other corner of the room, he put his head against the wall and slept. She did not revered how many hours they had to wait because, she was going on and off but  she remembered that when she was awake again she was carried by Mr. Lee and it was morning and it was cold.

When she was totally awake she found herself in the hospital, it was very quiet and she saw Alex sleeping on the sofa in her hospital room, and she has noticed he did not change his closes yet.

– Leah, my daughter.

leah was brought back from the memories after she heard her father calling her name

– Father! you finally found me.

She said and give her father a hug and a kiss.

– You knew i was looking for you?

– when i saw that my room door wide open i knew it was you.

He smiled and give a bigger hug to Leah.


rings Episode 5

-Do you feel warm now?

Rick asked Lean, who was a bit embarrassed and didn’t know what to reply. Rick noticed that, so he just looked up in the dark sky and said

– Too many stars today, i think we will have warm day tomorrow. My mom used to say when the stars come shining all together, they send all their love to earth and it makes it so warm.

– Do you miss her?

– a lot.

for the next few minutes they just stayed without saying a words just looking at the sky or at the city lights, both lost in their own thoughts.

– Do you want to have a drink with me outside this place?

Rick asked her, feeling that it will be a good reason to take her out of this place, as soon as possible, and not let her speak to other people that might make feel worse.

– I would love to,

– any place in particular you have on your mind?

Lean made an expression on her face like she was making a google search in her head, then replied

– yes, i am actually starving and if you don’t mind, i want to go to the local restaurant, they make best cloud soup.

– i love cloud soup and actually in the weather like this it is the best thing to have. Let’s go.

While leaving the place, Lean got a phone call, she was talking with very quiet tone Rick couldn’t understand who was with her on the other side, then he remembered as well that he came with Jang, so he send him a message that he left and will call him tomorrow.

-when they were getting into his car, he saw her body guards already ready to follow her.

– don’t worry they will keep distance, you wont even notice that they are around.

he looked at Lean and give her a smile instead of any reply.

-ah one more thing. if you don’t mind, can Alex join us for dinner, i have just spoke to him he was asking when i am going to be home, i feel like he is feeling under the weather today.

– not at all, I would love to have his company, please ask him to join us.

– thank you.

Lean press a speed dialer and waited for Alex to pick up, her conversation with Alex was very short

– Cloud soup in 10 min.

Place was very small and very simple, not many people were inside, the owner greeted Lean like he knew her very well, he gave them a good table, no one came and ask for an order, waitress, quickly brought a tea pot with hot tea and cups, she pour tea in their cups and left, then she brought all the side dishes and rice.

– can we have a soju please?

Rick asked lady and looked at Lean who was drinking tea and looking outside the window, waiting for Alex. 

– How is his new car? is he enjoying it?

Lean made exhaled and said.

– car is still parked in my building basement parking, new and untouched. Alex is really having a hard time. Dad has forbidden him to drive.

-why? was he in any accidents before?

– well sort off, and Dad is just being over protective. I still can not find time speaking to him, and Alex is getting more upset. Thou he is not showing it to me, i know it very well. I read my brother’s mind like an pen book, my brother’s eyes are never lie, their are his worse enemy. Speaking of Devil.

Alex entered the restaurant and greeted the owner, then greeted Rick and his sister.

– its very cold today, noona, when you said cloud soup, i said myself my Noona is the fairy.I could feel the taste of it in my mouth and suddenly its the only things i wanted to have right at that moment.

Bowls of soup finally arrived and they were enjoying the meal and very simple homelike atmosphere around them. They talk different things, food, drinks, funny school stories, that Alex love to tell.

After the dinner they have decided to walk a bit, thou the weather was cold it was not windy and walk was pretty much enjoyable. They slowly walk by the streets passing by closing shops and cared on the side cars. Suddenly Rick lost the Alex from his visual range and he got a bot worried trying to look for him around.

– Don’t worry!

Lean said while keep on walking and not turning back to look fr her bother, he will come running after us, I know were he is.

– Did he tell you anything?

– no, but every time we come here he can not without stopping by that small shop we passed just now, he is buying kimchi dumplings.

She was right, a minute later, Alex was running after them screaming

– Dumplings! Who wants the best Kimchi Dumplings in Korea !!

Lean looked and Rick and started to laugh, rick couldn’t control himself and started to laugh as well.

– Alex it is not nice to eat that much before going to bed, you will have nigh mares.

Alex was holding a box in his hands and was trying slowly to open it.

– i sleep next room with you, i am not scared and in fact you know night mares are my friends.

Lean stopped and with the serious look on her face, turned to Alex and came very close to him. Alex took a dumpling and quickly put it into his mouth, but then he open his mouth wide and started to jump on one leg. Lean grabbed his chin and pulled it down and then started to blow the air into him opened mouth, she did it for a half minute, till he finally stopped jumping. When Alex finished with the dumpling he put his tongue and make a sound like a dog.

– I think i burned my tongue. But still this thing is the best in Korea.

Lean gave him a slap on his shoulders and said

– you will never learn, every time same story. and i hope it burned nicely, you should watch your tongue. You know what i mean, the thing you said about nigh mares is the last thing i wanna hear from you tonight.

Lean turned Rick to apologize, Rick was having his mouth closed with his hand in order not to laugh hard, he turned around and was trying to stop laughing but he couldn’t. Alex had a huge smile on his face too, Lean smiled, knowing that what Rick has just seen looked that funny to him.

– I am glad we made you laugh

she said, and started to walk again, both men followed her, then Rick picked up his steps and walk with her at the same line.

– this is something i see for the first time.

– this is the reason I call him Monkey.

– I have never seen anyone does this in my life, now thinking of it, it sure helps i guess.

then Alex picked the conversation

– but unfortunately no one knows how to do it. When we were in states, I eat as well dumpling that was so hot i opened my mouth to Tony but he did’t know what i want from him, so he just placed a kimchi in my mouth and turned away…….

When Alex realized that he was talking about Tony it was already too late, the facial expression on his sister’s face already changed, she yet smiled but sadness was written all over her face. Alex shut up and put another dumpling into his mouth and walked fast in front of them.

– Alex it it not polite to show your back to the older to you people.

Lean said this in a way to show him that she is more angry at him for this than for a story about Tony. Alex turned around gave a bow and apologized and stepped back and walked behind his sister and Rick. 

for the next two minutes they walk with out talking, then Lean looked at Rick and said

– please be patient with Tina, she is new into all dating game, i know you feel like she is not there for you, but i know if you really want her you will get her.

Rick stopped and asked

– did she said anything to you? because you sound like you have read my mind.

– we are sisters, we talk, and as i told you i know Tina very well and relationship are all the same, specially once that has distance.

Rick said nothing just kept walking.

– I think its time for us to go home. Thank you very much for a lovely evening, if its not you i would be still talking to all this people and had to smile to all the strangers. You are my rescuer, and as a thank you, I would like to invite you to our home tomorrow. I am arranging a pool party for the  boys, so you are invited as well.

Alex was so happy to hear that

– please Rick come, we will have fun, i will ask Bong to pick you up and you both can come together, since you don’t know were we live. Please it will be a great honor for me.

– and for me too

Lean said and looked at Rick waiting for an answer.

– I will be happy to. what time is the party?

– at 4, bring your swimming shorts.

Alex said

– Swimming what? in this weather?

Sister and Brother both got in their car that was slowly following them, with their bodyguards and left.

Rick walked back to his car, with the thought of a good evening he had, he felt very comfortable with both of them more than he was with Tina, but then he thought that it is only a beginning, Tina eventually going to change her mind.

Next morning Rick spend doing some home work with Helen, they went to have lunch to her favorite restaurant and then they went for a fast shopping to get her all the necessary thing for school. Helen never asked much, she was happy to be back to Seoul and live with his brother, two years in Jeju were very boring and she couldn’t make many friends, cause she was afraid people will talk about her, and the rest of her family. Now things were different she was in a good school, has already made friends, all he have to do not to mention any one that she was sister Of Rick, the case was so long ago, people has already forgotten and they of cause forgotten about her brother too, which was sad, but it sure gave her a time to get back to a normal life.

– Are you sure you don’t need anything else? We still have time before i have to leave, may be new cloths?

– I am OK! in fact you bought too many cloths last time, i had no chance to wear them yet.

– OK, then lets have a cappuccino or ice cream.

– cappuccino 

She said and smile at her brother giving him a hug.

When he was dropping Helen home, he saw Bong car parked near to their building. Bong greeted both of them and Rick introduced young people to each other.

Bong looked at Rick sister and said

– we are in the same school.

– yes you are right i saw you last time with the group of guys at the gates. You are friends of Alex Young

Rick looked at His sister and was a bit surprised

– you know Alex?

– well not know per say, everyone knows Alex Young, he is more popular then Beast this days in our school, since he started to show up in our school at time to time. Well it was nice to meet you Bong, I shall go inside it is cold today, hope you will have fun.

Helen went inside and both guys went back to Rick’s car, they have decided that it will be better if they will use one car. On the way Rick has started conversation, that lead to a new information for him

– its good to know you are schooling, many people like you decide to drop out and just focus on their career. 

– Agency has increased my training hours, but i really want to keep up, i want to finish school and not to worry about it latter.

– you are right, before you debut you have time to finish your study, because once you our there, you are only there, you will not have time for anything else.

– Rick, can you give me a good advise?

– advise about what?

– about everything, what do and what not to.

– well i will put it this way, you do your best right now in study and in training, once you are there and if you need me i will be always there to help you with a advise or anything else you need. I promise.

– thanks you Rick, its very nice of you. You know in my life, my best luck is meeting good people. I thank God for it every night before i go to sleep. Good people like Alex and Lean and Tony, May his soul rest in peace. And now you.

– You new Tony through Alex?

– yes, I was supposed to sign with LAT Entertainment. 

Rick almost hit the break but managed to control himself.

– what? LAT wanted to sign you?

– almost three years a go i had an audition for LAT, that year i did not make with so sis Alex. This is actually how we met with Alex in the first place.

– Alex auditioned for LAT? LAT is belong to his father.

– I know but this family is nothing but being right about everything. You know what i mean, they have never shown money, and they have never cared about money. Any way, after not getting there, me and Alex has decided to kill the grief with the few bottles of Soju, that night i will never forget, how we both got out brains washed by words of Lean and Tony. I was beaten by Tony and Alex by Lean, the words they were saying were stronger than bat beats. Lean was shouting at Alex for being irresponsible for his doings, that he is not only forgot about his family but as well he dragged me with him. Tony was telling me that if I am already drinking to kill my sorrow then what i am going to do in the future when bigger things will hit me. I can not explain what has happen that night but it sure became a turning point in my life. I have spent that night at their house, Tony personally went to inform my parents and apologized. Lean was nursing us next morning, and then Tony called me and asked us to come back for the second audition to LAT, then Alex didn’t go and i went and i made it, Tony was working on a contract for me himself, but then accident happened and everything was on hold. Weeks later Jang noticed me and got me the contract and i have signed. 

– why you didn’t wait?

– i knew me getting into LAT was Tony’s doing and since he was gone I thought they wont need me any more.

– i am sorry to hear that.

– i know me too, but this not all, week after i signed Lean finally called me and asked me to meet her. That day she gave me the contract, she told me that Tony was working on it very carefully, he was making it in a way that i could be training and schooling that the same time, when i saw the contract i was shocked, my schooling my clothing my dorm everything was there, the boy band that was about to be formed just for me to start before i fly solo, the contact was excellent. When i have informed Lean that i have signed with other company already, she was heart broken, she was crying so hard telling me that this was Tony’s project she wanted to finish, she wanted to complete it for him. Alex told me that so many lawyers were hired to study my case, lots of money were offered to my company, but since LAT was fighting for me, they were decided that i worse it and they kept me, and refused all the offers and settlements. Later Lean met me again, she stood in front of me on her knees asking me to forgive her, she said she shouldn’t have let grief to control her, she apologized that she didn’t reach me faster, but yet she still asked to let her to feel the contract missing points, so now she is paying my schooling, she has given me the best trainers and even clothing endorsement. 

– What about Alex ?

– Alex has decided to be a Lawyer right after the accident he has changed a lot, he never left his sister’s side, he was studying hard and he was very serious for sometimes, but then slowly he got himself back but yet he is not the same as he was. You know Alex is my tutor and Lean as well, with both of them i got my all subject covered. 

Rick was quite for sometimes, he was trying to digest all he learned today and he was nothing but amazed again.

– Oh we reached.

Rick has stopped the car and young man came to open the door for them, they have offered to park hi car.

they have entered the house and Lean with Alex were already waiting for them. Alex was dressed in a swimming  shorts and Hawaiian style, Lean was dressed in summer dress with the flower prints on it an she had while flower on her hair, she looked happy and fresh, it felt like they had time traveled, and it was no longer cold Autumn it was very pleasant summer warm that was coming from both of them from the way they smiled.

Lean has welcomed Bong, she smiled at him brightly and place a flower on his neck.

– its been a while you came to this house Bong, i am so happy to see you here. i have prepared for you the est shirt, but don’t tell any one.

– you are always too kind to me Lean.

she smiled at him again and tapped his shoulder.

Alex at the same time was greeting Rick. He has place the flower on him and handed over him a similar shirt he was searing to him. After Rick greeted Lean and gave her a compliments, Alex showed him the place where he could change, and then offered him a house tour later

Lean offered Rick am escort to a venue, she has shown him a direction an they walk toward the long corridor, the corridor was quite long and one side of it was  full made of glass, and it gave feeling of walking in the yard, with the great view to a winter garden.

–          It’s amazing

He said, still unable to take his eyes off what he saw. He was wondering if he ever be able to have something like this in his life, he was wondering is it is all real and how happy people are living in place like this.

Lean was smiling noticing his wondering eyes.

Rick could hear the noises of the guys while there were approaching the end of the corridor, they have entered a big glass door and he froze there at the entrance for a second looking at the big pool with the tropical garden and real palm trees. 

–          So this is how rich people live.

Lean smiled and him and said nothing.

Rick has been offered a fruit cocktail drink by the waiter and shown where he can have towels, he has noticed guys were already having fun splashing the water and he saw Bing claiming on top of Alex and making a jump.

–          Kids will always be kids specially boys, so by the look on your face I have to say that you can not wait to join those rascal brats and return back to the carless tomes.

Rick looked with the baby smile on his face and handed over to her a glass and jump into the water.  He made couple of rounds, spoke to the guys met Alex’s friend and when guys slowly started to move from the water to the table with snack he as well return to Lean.

She handed him a towel and offered a drink, and at the same time Alex has appeared

–          Rick, do you know that in this house we are not allowed to drink alcohol till we turn 25, my sister has managed to make this rule stronger the drinking rule of the country.

Lean Looked at Alex with narrowed eyes

–          And you are the main reason I have created this rule. You and Bong both only will only benefit out of it.

Rick remember the story Bong told him on  the way, and with the smile he commented

–          I wish I could have this rule in my family when I was growing up, I bet I would be a much better man by now.

–          Thank you for support.

Alex looked at both of them made Tsk tsk ts sound and left, leaving seniors with laughter.

–          He is very nice man, and I am sure he will be great one when he will get more older. I feel envy when I look at him, I wish I could be as him at his age, I wish I had sister like you to guide me through the life.


–          You are mistaken. In my life this boy has been my lighthouse, somehow he is always the bright light for me in the end of the tunnel. It because he was always so attached to me, I had to be his noona, because he was always with me through all the hardships I have learn how to lean on him, and now he is the major reason of my life. Even in your eyes he is only young boy, in my life he had made an acts that grown man could never do.

Rick was caught in his own thought for a few seconds watching Alex being a young boy enjoying with his friends.

–          Rick if you want I can give you a tour I know you might be very interested to see the the whole house after what you saw till now?

–          Yes, I would really love  to.

They went back through the same corridor and return to the other part of the house , and entered a big dining area with the huge table

–          This is our dining area

Leans said pointing at the carpet on the floor, in front of the big projector.

Rick looked at her waiting for more explanation about carpet and what it has to do with dining.

–          Our father like to have this traditional family dinners when we all gathered at the table, but every time he call us for dinner, he comes late because of work, and three of us just take our plates and eat here sitting on the carpet watching some movie on projector, because we don’t like to dine at the table without Dad sitting at the tale.  Don’t know how it started and when, jbut now thinking of it I am guessing it started with Tina.

–          Tina ha?

–          Yes ! our always fun loving Tina.

They stepped out from that area that has been separated from the hall with arch  and return to the entrance side.

–          On this floor we have only dining and my father’s study room, of course kitchen is here as well but today it is area you need to stay away from, I think they are doing all the preparation for dinner now. By the way Kitchen is my favorite part of this house.

–          You love to cook?

–          I enjoy watching people to food creation in there. And of course the smell of baking bread.

–          What about cinema and basketball place and may be even own games arcade?

By saying that Rick thought of a good joke.

–          This all on the other side of the house where the pool is.

He looked at her and was waiting till she will start to laugh and act like he was the part of the joke he was saying, but she was very serious.

–          Seriously?

–          Yes, I will show you when we return to the pool

–          Cinema and basket ball and arcade ?

–          Yes and fully equipped gym

Ricks Jaw dropped down for a second .

–          Then why you use the health centre if you have gym at home?

–          My trainer is on leave

Lean said it and made it sound like a spoiled daddy’s girl

–          And as well I have too much money and o don’t know how else to spend it.

–          Ah? I see

Leans laugh and said

–          I don’t live in this house, I am having a small apartment near to the office, it is very hectic for me to travel, everyday due to traffic.

–          Really?

–          Yes

–          You live alone? And you cook?

–          Yes I cook and with time I am getting better with making ramen not over cooked. Alex lives with me

–          A, when it comes to ramen I am an expert.

They both laugh at each other comments and walked up on stairs, walking down the corridor Lean told a few funny stories about how they grew up here, and how they used to paint their own room doors, they stop in front of pink door.

–          I guess you  can tell who is the owner of this room,  even standing here I can feel the bright happy aura that comes out from this small key hole, this room was always happy room, I love this room more than my own, you will understand why


She opened the door and they entered inside, the room was like from the fine magazine that advertise furniture and the other staff for princess’s rooms, it was like from the land far far away, like in fairy tales. The huge white bed with the header in a shape of a crown the pink linen and lots of pillows, the rooms was full of staff toys and flowers, big dressing table and pink  small sofa in a shape of throne.

–          What you say?

Rick had a smile in his eyes, he was happy to see Tina’s rooms, he wanted to start to wonder inside but he hardly hold himself from walking to the middle of the room, he didn’t want to look like an idiot in love going through his girlfriends staff,  just for a second he has imagined Tina walking and living in this room, how she was sitting in the sofa an reading or how she was putting her make up in front of the mirror at the dressing table.

–          Its so her

This is all he could say.

–          You should never tell to Tina that I have let you see this room, I shouldn’t have but since I can feel the way you miss her I wanted to light up your mood a bit.

–          Thank you! I make sure this stays with me forever and I shall take this secret with me into the grave.

They share a laugh and left the room, next room was Alex’s it was a bit simple more modern full of books and lots of car models and gadgets, Rick has notices that room was tidy like no one has used it for a long time.

–          You are lucky to see it clean and tidy, since Alex is staying with me for a time being,

–          I was about to say that his room is too tidy for a man of his age.

–          Well you will be surprised when I tell you that Alex is slowly turning into nerd type so recently I have noticed he is getting more responsible, I am happy for his responsibility vibe, it is his nerdy things are a bit strange to observe.

–          May be he has reach that stage of his life when he is more clearly see what kind of person he wants to be and how he sees his self in the future?

Lean looked and Rick with suspicious and asked trying to pull a bit of acting

–          So you are saying he is seeing himself as a nerd?

–          I am guessing you are not fan of it

–          No I am not, I want to see Alex a life loving person, I want to see him happy and loved, he has a huge heart and he is very sensitive I am really worried about him, being so attached to me lately I feel like I am in directly, keeping him with me and let him always worry about me, so he has no time for his own things in his life.

Lean suddenly felt that she had said a bit too much, so she quickly turned and made a move toward to the next room. Rick has noticed the situation and said nothing and just followed her. They have stopped in front of the room with the opened doors, Lean looked inside the room and then with the smiling face she turned to Rick and said,

–          There is only one person in this house who is not closing the doors behind, and opened doors are always an evidence of the presents of that person.

–          I feel like you are talking about some ghosts, is this house hunted, because now I felt like shiver run through my spine.

–          Don’t worry, you will have a chance to see that person very soon. Now this is my room so you are free to explore it, I have nothing to hide.

Rick entered the room and it was like a expensive hotel suite he used to stay when he had his times, attached bathroom and it was double size the other two rooms he saw, the other part was behind huge books shelves he looked at the other room but was not sure if it was ok for him to look there.

–          That part is my studio, I used to work there, it used to be separate room, one day I returned from school and found my father knocking the wall, with his own hands and 5 workers just standing and watching him do the job, so I knew it was meant to be something special, since he is doing it himself, and this is what I have got.

They were walking in to the other part of the room, Rick could recognize the smell of the painting the smell that gives him painful and the same time happy memories, he missed that smell at times he was looking for this smell. The room was a bit messy, the pain on the floor and few painting on the wall, each of them different each other in a different style, but they all had a one same sign on the right corner KLA. He then saw a big picture on the wall, the picture was black and white, the picture of the girl with the smile working on the sketch, she had straight  long black hair that were pinned with pencil, Rick walked toward the wall with the  picture like hypnotized, he stopped and without taking his eyes  of it said almost whispering

–          Kang Lee Ah

He brushed the picture with his hands, Lean was watching him with the question in her mind, she wanted to understand what was in his mind she wanted to know what was he whispering, and why he is whispering her name.

–          How you know my real name?

Rick looked at Lean and she has noticed a tear trail on his face, she decided not to show him any emotions and she just walked few steps towards and said.

–          Yes my real name is Kang Lee Ah, Lean is the name I got in states, and I have kept it when I have change my family name to Young, so this is how I have become Young Lean, father had adopted me. And this picture was taken by him.

Rick was now looking at Lean and was studying her, her face her hair, her face has changed, and her hair is shorter and colored, but it suited her that way. How he could not recognize her before.

–          So will you tell me how you know my real name?

–          I guess you don’t remember me, we were at the same school for some time, my mom used to be art teacher at Eastern school.

Lean replied with the shock

–          Oh my God! Song Eugene, was your mother?

–          Yes, and used to see you in her class after the school hours she used to give you private lessons.

–          Yes, I loved your mother, she was my best teacher, I was very sad that I had to leave to states without saying good bye to her, I wrote her few letters, I hope she got them.

–          Yes she did, she was very happy to hear from you, she used to always brag about it in front of me, she used to say you were very bright girl and she was hopping you never stop painting.

–          I was very sad when I heard that she has passed away, I have visited her graveyard in Jeju, when I came back to Korea. I have learned the best from her, she taught me different love for art, before art was my hobby but after her classes it has become the part of my life.

Lean looked at Rick, she now could noticed that he had his mother’s smile and her smile, for a second, they both returned to the school years, only when they have heard someone s calling for Lean they have return to the present.

                                                End part 5

Two Rings – Memories


Year 2002

Its been 3 years since she was living in NY city with Alex, they were living not far from the central park in a nice apartment. Lean was so busy with her projects all the time, Alex again complained that she did not take him to the movies last weekend, she wanted to finish the project with in this two days so she will spend weekend with her brother, she need a break too. She looked at the sky it was clear and the day was sunny she wished it will remain the same whole weekend, she finished her sandwich and she he run back to the library. Later that week they had very nice surprise, Dad came to visit them over suddenly just for a couple of days, and just because he had to do urgent meetings, but this time he promised to spare one whole day for the kids and even if the weather is good to go out for a picnic.

Next day Dan informed Lean that he has a small cocktail reception arranged for his business partners and have few presentations to make, so he asked to help her, to entertain the guest and at the same time Dan wanted her to meet people in NY and tell them about the project she is making for her this year exams and may be it will help her in the future to find the best suitable company to join. Lean of course could not say no to her Dad.

She was dressed in the beautiful black cocktail dress, that was very elegant and at the same time looked very presentable for a business talks, The place was crowded with business man and their wives, who were dresses very elegantly, she could hear people talk about her father about his achievements in Korea and other countries about his new projects and new contracts he managed to get, she was very proud of him and it help her feel more confident. After the long presentation and introduction about Young and Young, the reception has started and Dan finally took her daughter around introducing her to many people in the same business. And only by the end of the evening Dan had introduced Tony.

– Lean please meet Tony Lee, he is a raising star and very popular in Korea, his new drama just got the best rating, we just signed a contract with him for out new furniture line.

Tony was 24 years old very handsome and tall, he greeted Lean with the smile. For Lean his smile like a cars flash light in the dark, its been a while she have met some one so handsome and man from Korea.

– Tony will stay here for another week, i want to ask you to take him around the city one day, he will be busy for the next two days with the CF filming but then he will have another three days free. I will leave you here i need to say good bye to some of the gentleman over there. Tony i will speak to you later.

Dan left leaving both young people alone. Lean didn’t know what to say she just smiled and asked

– is it your first time in NY?

Tony noticed that she was nervous and to make her feel a bit more comfortable said

– yes it is, and my English is very bad, so i really need your help. Actually i am big star , the way your father described me, i am just lucky to be picked for this CF.

– My father never underestimate people, he has his own way of seeing people and their special talents. I am sorry i am not familiar with the Korean celebrities much, i was so busy studying i am not even in track with the happenings in the world.

– its better for me, like this i will be treated as a normal person, who doesn’t speak any English and seeking for a help from your side.

– is there anything in particular you want to see in NY?

– 2 things i must see is METS and Statue of Liberty! if you don’t mind.

– not at all i shall arrange the tickets for METS for Tuesday morning and later in the afternoon we can go to see the Statue of liberty.

– do we have to do all in one day? or you just want to get reed of me so quickly?

Lean laughed at Tony’s comment, covering her face with her palm

– i am sorry if i have made such a expression. if you don’t mind i would like to take my brother with us when we will go to see the Statue, we have been there like 5 times and he is always want to return there, and lately i was ignoring him a lot, so this will be his treat from me, if you dont mind.

– how is his English?

– he is first in his class in English and Literature.

– them yes, we mind need some one to replace you when you will bee too tiered to talk and explain things to me.

On Tuesday, Lean picked Tony from the hotel and they went to Mets, it was her favorite place in NY she new every painting and when she was explaining to Tony about the paintings she would tell him everything, when and by whom it was done, a small information about artist and even the type of the paint they were using, the hidden meaning of some pictures. Tony was wowed by Lean, so young and so smart, so rich and so simple, from the clothes she was wearing from the way she was looking at people, he felt in love with everything she was.

When they finished they sat in one of the streets cafe’s drinking coffee and have very different conversations, thou both of them were young but life have made them both so mature, their conversations were on the level of a grown people, they talked about life abroad, about new things happening in Korea and what they want in future.

– are planning to return to Korea after school?

Tony wanted to ask this question,for quite sometime. He wanted to know if he can see her in Seoul and may be take her out like this and show her so many new places.

– i am not sure, about it yet, now i am just studying and it is still few years for me to go, i rather not to think about it, I miss Korea a lot but if my future is here, then i am going to be here.

– what if you future is in Korea?

– Then i shall be in Korea. I am not thinking about my future much, present is very important for me, things i am learning now is my future, so i need concentrate on it. What about you? your plans?

– right now i think my plan to learn English and may be look for a chances to come back here soon.

Lean understood what he meant by his words, she has noticed the way he looked at her whole day and the way he would smile at her all the time.

– well i am sure going to be very glad to see you again in NY there is so many things you must see aside from Statue of Liberty but with the days you have left here it is not enough to see even quarter of it.

later they enjoyed walk in a central park eating hot dogs and at some point they just walked and said nothing just enjoyed the company of each other. Tony sure was falling deep but for Lean it was just something new, something she had never experienced before, walking in the park with the handsome young man who as so much attracted to her.

It was a beginning of a beautiful romance, there were letters, e mails, post cards, long telephone calls, visits between Korea and NY. Years flied by but the love was growing bigger, they were so much attached to one another, even distance did not stop them.

On the fifth year anniversary, Tony asked Lean to take him back to Mets, and right there at the place when he felt in love with her, he finally proposed her, standing on one in front of so many people, and she said yes. It was the year when Lean had finally packed her 8 years in US and finally moved to back to Korea, despite all the great offers she had, now she had decided that she will follow her heart and be with the man she loved, this is was one thing she wanted to do for a long time.

Tony’s popularity was not stopping growing, he was always on demand and he had never had chances to have long breaks, what ever time he had free he was always trying to spend it with Lean. That week Tony received a call from his uncle who was having a jubilee, he insisted for Tony’s present among with this parents, and his parents were also after him for the same matter. He was trying to clear that day from the schedules he managed to cancel and re appoint almost all of them, but one which was happening morning shoot, so he has arranged a helicopter to take him and his family to the venue in order to be there on time.

Two days before everything has turned upside down Lean was sitting in her studio and was working on a painting, she was painting a couple walking in the alley holding hand, it was her first painting since she return to Korea. Tony came without prior notice he was welcome in her house like his own, Dan was giving them their own space, there was nothing to hide, couple was mature and this was perfect place for them to meet up, so no one would disturb them. He said that he was just dying to see her that day from morning, he missed her a lot and he could not wait till the day they can finally live together will come. he brought her two rings, wedding rings.

– I have ordered them in NY the day i was leaving to Korea during my first visit, i knew that time that i will marry you and i have spend all money i earned from that shooting just for this two rings.

Lean with the tears in her eyes, took one of the rings and saw the date written on it, it was the day they first met at the reception. She said noting just looked at him and smiled while tear was running down her face. Tony wipe the tear from her face and said

– this was the day i learned that i could fly,and my love to you has given me the wings, that till now i am flying in the sky of love i have for you. I don’t know why I am giving you this rings today, but when i woke up this morning i just couldn’t bear a second with out you, i am so tiered of hiding and so tiered of being with out you  most of the times, i want us to be married yesterday so today i don’t have to waste one second apart from you. When i come back from the trip, you and i together will get married in a small church outside Seoul, i can not wait for all the arrangement and formalities, simply can not wait any more. Will you do this for me?

Lean smiled and buried her face in his chest, she put her hands around him and said

– i will do anything for you, if you will ask me to do it right now i will do it, with my eyes closed I follow you everywhere and nowhere, just to be with you.

Two Rings part 4


One month since that day has passed. Beautiful autumn was showing her yellow and red colors, with a bit rain, she was comforting people before the winter takes its turn.

Rick was busy, with few variety shows and radio interviews, so far he has manager to keep it neat, but still it was not enough for him, he has managed to release one song but it did not get him what he was hoping for.  In a days when he was free he used to spend in the complex or hanging out with Jang when other one was not too busy with is drama shooting. He was still thinking about Tina, she was not leaving his mind, he still wanted to meet her and he wanted to know her better. He was trying to learn about her more on line but nothing much was available, so he decided to go to Heaven tonight and try to speak to Shin, the manager of the club.

At the club they had a room next to Monkey zone and the room was full with young boys, it was very noisy, when he was passing by the room, guys were clapping and screaming. When he was about to enter their room, the door opened and he saw Lean coming out with the bright smile on her face. Their eyes meet and Lean bowed and left down the stairs, then he saw Bong coming up, and Rick felt like he caught a fish he was hoping to catch.

– Bong  need to talk to you, do you have a minute for me?

Bong bowed and said

– sure i will join you in a minute, let me just say hi to the guys.

Few minutes later Bong entered the room together with Alex.

– Rick i hope you don”t mind my friend Alex wanted to say hi to you, he said you should remember him.

Alex bowed and smiled

– hi  am not sure if you remember, but we met at Busan train station. We took picture together, i was hoping this time i could get your autograph.

Rick was glad to meet Alex again

– Yes i remember you, you are the guy in PJ.

Bong started to laugh

– PJ? what is he talking about?

– Lean forgot her toy so i had to rush to the station, you know how she is when she is traveling.

Bong stopped smiling

– AAA, in this case i can understand, when it comes to your sister i am ready to run naked.

they all started to laugh and Jangs made woooooooo noise

– Are you having a crush Bong?

Bong made a serious face and said.

– Don’t even joke about it, i have nothing but respect for Lean, she has been like sister to me.

Alex took and Autographs from both Jang and Rick and looking at Bong said

– Tina will die,hahahaha.

Rick raised from his chair and asked

– you sister right?

– yes! do you know Tina? she is huge fan of yours, even thou she will never admit it i know it, she used to still all your CD’s and posters from me.

Rick was on a cloud 9

– i would love to meet my my fan.

Alex then came to the window and said, there she is, dancing with her friends. Rick and Jang both came closer to see.

Then Alex started to waive to the other side together with Bong, Rick looked to the side boys were waiving and saw Lean on the opposite room watching them all watching Tina. Rick was a bit embarrassed he bowed to her Jang did as well, and she bowed in reply with the smile. The rooms she was in was empty and she was all by her self.

– this is your other sister right?

– Lean! Bong lets go to her, for a minute, she asked for you today.

Both guys left in hurry. Lean was keep on watching Rick and Jang, both men felt a bit uncomfortable, so Rick has decided to go to terrace. Even with the fresh air he could not get back to normal, he was still wondering, what kind of impression he has made, and sure Alex will tell her that he was asking about Tina. “How embarrassing?”


he heard some one behind him, he turned to make sure it is for him, and his heart was about to skip his body, when he saw Tina, smiling at him

– My brother told me you want to meet me.

Rick didn’t know what to say in reply, she was smiling like a child and his palms were sweating, so he couldn’t offer her a hand shake, because he was so embarrassed.

– if you don’t mind, yes, i would love to know you better.

Tina made two steps closer and asked

– how much you know about me already?

– not much actually, just what everyone knows about you.

she offered him to have a sit at one of the tables, she was so calm and very confident, Rick was so nervous and very shy.

– My name is Tina Young I am 25 years old

– My name is Rick i am 30 years years old.

they both laughed at each other it made the atmosphere a bit better for Rick, so he pulled his confidence back and lead the conversation from that moment on.

– you brother told me you are my fan, or used to be my fan.

– I am your fan, but now a days i am too busy with so many other things in my life, I am not sure who’s fan i am right now. I guess i am fan of my future. Don’t take me wrong but i have grown up from the days when i used to have lots of posters of you and CD.

– I understand, actually i would like you to know me as person and be a fan of me not as a artist as a man.

– oh you are straight forward, I like that, but Rick as i have said i am too busy for dating right now,  and tomorrow i am leaving back to Daegu, so this is my number

She took his phone and made an entry.

– call me if you going to be there one day, i would be happy to have a meal with you, but this is all i can offer you right now, the reason i came to you today, its because i hate my brother being bothered cause of me, i hate it the most.

Rick face impression was changing and the feeling of embarrassment is coming back to him, and he again started lose his confidence. ” damn she knows how to handle men”. Before he could say anything she said

– don’t feel bed i am not upset or anything, at the end i am honored you asked for me, 6 -7 years a go i think i would be already hanging on your neck. But now….

she stood up from he chair

– i have to get back to my sister and friends.It was indeed pleasure meeting you.

she bowed and left with out even looking back.

5 minutes later and 2 cigarettes Rick was still seating at the same table, all he was thinking about for the past month all he wanted for the past month has come say hi and gone, and he let her leave just like this. “if you will give up you are useless life spinster”. He got us and rushed inside the club. He looked for her at the dace floor but she was not there, he checked at the bar she was not there neither, so the only place she could be it was that room, he went up and without noticing bodyguards with out even knocking he just went inside like wind through the open window.

Lean was working on some sketches for her new project, she didn’t want to say no to Tina so she came along with her to the club, in the end it was her last evening in Seoul.

Lean was standing and watching the scene, Rick in the room and two bodyguards holding him from behind.

– Mr. Lee please leave this gentleman and please offer him a drink

Rick stood straight and look and Lean with apologies in his eyes

– I am very sorry for my actions, i am very sorry please forgive me. I came for Tina but as i can see she is not here, so I will just leave.

He bowed and was about to leave the room, when Lean stopped him.

– you are the first guy who actually came back for her. So you should stay.

Rick looked at Lean

– Tina went to drop her friends home, but i am not sure if she will come back here.

– ah i see, well thank you for information

– her flight tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon, call her by noon and meet her at the airport for a cup of coffee. I bet she will like it.

– what if she will not agree.

– don’t forget that i am her sister, I know her better that you do, so i just suggest you to trust me, and the fact is that you have no other options here.

– you are right.

Everything has happened as Lean said and Rick had a second chance with Tina. They had coffee before her flight and this time, she left with a smile and she even looked back at him before entering the departure gate.

With thin next month Rick has visited Daegu twice but, the feeling were not the way he had expected. He was giving his 100 % but in return was not getting even half. Tina was always busy, even when he was visiting her in Daegu she would hardly speak him an hour and always excuse her self to go back to work. He was thinking about him may be being a bit too pushy and may be he need her a bit of space an when the right time will come she will give him the rest in return.

He gave her a call today to check if she was fine but she did not pick up the phone. “ok i shall wait till your call yourself”. He was entering the complex atrium, when he saw Lean sitting alone at the corner table drinking her coffee, he knew he had to greet her, but he was a bit shy, last time he saw her was in that club, so he didn’t know how to behave himself now. But yet he approached her.

– Hello Lean!

Lean looked up at the tall man in the sports wear and with the smile showed him that she was glad to see him

– Rick, hello!! So Nice to see you!

– me too. Hope you are doing well. It’s been a while i saw you here.

– you knew i was coming here?

– yes! I saw you here other day with Alex. It was funny to see him standing on his knees.

– AA!! I remember this day. Oh Sorry! Please join me, if you have a time.

– with pleasure.

Rick ordered a juice and order another cup of coffee for Lean.

– thanks, I always enjoy coffee after work out, I know caffeine is not good, but i really can not leave with out coffee.

– me too, i actually love coffee a lot but right now i feel like something more refreshing. I can not see the special escort today.

he said meaning the bodyguards.

– ah, Today i managed to escape. It happens very rarely but i have my own ways, but the boss of all is coming now to pick me up, he is worse the others.

– I guess they just have to follow your father’s instructions.

– This one is not following any instruction of our father, following my dad’s instruction this is the last thing he is really planing to do.

– how is your brother doing? I haven’t seen him for a while, even in the club, i guess he is busy with the study.

– Why don’t you ask him yourself.

Lean pointed with her head at some one behind Ricks back. Alex was approaching them he was with Bong and both were smiling and looked very happy. They greeted each other and boys sat at the table, Rick asked them what they want to drink but guys refused and said they need to leave right now, they just came to pick up Lean.

– Sorry Rick, i have to leave you, I have promised guys to take them shopping, this is the reason they can not wait.

– girls are excited about shopping not boys.

Rick was teasing them.

Bong tapped Rick’s shoulder and told him.

– Brother, Alex is shopping for a car today.

Rick caught and looked at Alex, who was standing with the smile as if he had a hanger stack in his mouth.

Lean got up from her chair and said

– My gift to Alex for getting a scholar, thou we pass this scholar to the other kid in school, i am getting him this treat just because he kept his promise and its my turn to keep mine.

Alex was impressed, he never thought this way about Alex, boy was gaining more respect in front of his eyes.

– You did a great Job Alex, very happy for you, and Lean i can imagine how happy it makes you.

Lean smiled and played with Alex’s hair.

– No matter how happy it makes me, he still have a budget, and plus car has to be safe not pretty. Ok Boys Let’s make a move i have not much time, don’t forget I have a meeting with Dad today.

Alex bowed to Rick and said good bye, Lean gave a small bow and Rick has noticed the neck-less, there were two wedding rings on a gold chain. He watched them leave and the thought was running through his head, that they looked like real family, he wondered as well, how they have managed to keep this bond, despite the age difference, as well he wanted to know more about Lean, he saw her from the other angle today, and she was very simple person, very down to earth, very calm and very sad at the same time, even when she was smiling. He wanted to know why she was like a magnate, something in her that made Rick feel that she knew her for a long time but never came close to her, and watched her from the distance.

Same Friday evening Jang invited Rick to join him for the fashion show, it was good place to met people new and old, lots of famous artist and business men loved to attend this kind of events, only few were actually interested in fashion. Events like this were held very often in Seoul, but this time it was a big event, that included top Koren brands and top world brand  to promote a new shopping avenue opening soon. When both men entered they could not believe the quality of the crowd,  top entertainers, top models, top business men were there. Jang at once dive into the crowed and started to greet each and everyone he knew at the welcome reception, he had to take lots of pictures and talk to many people. Rick was enjoying his drink watching the crowd, few people who used to know him very well and used to love to be in the same room with him, now pretended that don’t know him, few polite out of them, greeted him but then fast disappeared, but Rick was not upset, he got used to it already. But thou feeling wasn’t good, he knew that the time will come and he will teach them wrong. Later everyone took their assigned sits and the show has started. It’s not like Rick enjoyed it much, but he felt good to be there, it reminded him about the past times, he wanted to tease himself, so he could work harder in order to get back to the world when once he was on a pedestal.

He was hoping to leave after the show, but Jang was still occupied with few producers, and couple of interviews, at the cocktail reception he looked at the women, they were all dressed up, they were wearing the best they owned that night. And when he saw Lean, he felt like a fresh puff of air toward him, he started to walk towards her but he has noticed he was already talking to someone, so he has decided to wait till the right time. Lean was very elegantly dressed, she was wearing peach color dress, it was not super fancy but was perfect for her and for the occasion like this, small diamond earrings were some how matching the rings on her neck and small clutch bag that was made from the same material as a dress had a small Swarovski elements that were matching the whole outfit, and gold color high heeled sandal that were perfectly completing it all. Rick was watching her with out a blink, he has noticed that she is touching the rings at time to time, and she was showing to the person she was talking with that she is listening to him very carefully. Then couple approached her, and Rick at once recognized them, it was newly wed couple, Erick and Luh, Erick was a Tony’s best friend who was with him at the same agency. Erick basically replaced Tony in so many ways, he took over all his contracts and even completed couple of his unfinished project. Luh was an actress they have met on a movie set, they were already expecting their first child. Lean was very happy to see them, she smiled a lot to them and was keep on touching Luh’s belly, they had short conversation, later couple left her alone in the middle on the crowd.

Lean felt her heart beating fast, she need a fresh air, so she walked straight toward the exit with out looking at people, so she didn’t have to stop and greet them and spend time for a chat, she almost run. Only when she was standing outside the building, the cold air made her take a deep breath and he head finally got cleared and tears started to run down her face.

“We could be as happy as they are right now, may be even have our child”

She closed her eyes for a second and just to imagine, that’s when she felt some one put a jacket on her shoulder. It was very cold and but she didn’t feel it before till something warm touched her skin.

– Its cold, Thank you!

She said while turning to see who it was, she was expecting to see Mr. Lee, so she was not worried about her tears, but it was Rick standing there and looking at her with out asking any questions, he just helped Lean to put her hands inside the sleeves and he started to button up the jacked, then he removed a scarf from his neck and wrapped it around her, only when he was doing it he finally understood the meaning of it all. All this time he was seeing different people, giving their scarf to Lean and warping them around her neck and but he never knew why, till that moment. Once the scarf laid around her neck it covered the rings, so she wouldn’t not touch them, and no one would lay their eyes on them and show their sad feelings to her. Scarf simply covered her painful past and in a way visible scars.

End part 4

Two Rings Part 3

For the past few weeks Rick was busy running around, doing small appearances here and there, he did few interviews, few stage performances, good things was that he was not banned to appear in major broadcasting companies so he was saved and still had good chances to be back to the stage of getting more visible.

Rick had song’s ready for a new album, and he needed a bit of investment, he had already sold his house and moved to a small villa with this sister, nothing fancy but very comfortable, he felt like he started from beginning, but yet he was telling him self, better to start from beginning with the clean page then from complete zero with no chances to return.

He met the writer he knew from other dramas he made, who had a drama for him but yet looking for the production company that will accept the drama with him in an lead role. Everything was into money, and patients is all what Rick has in his pockets.  

 He was training hard at the gym keeping his body fit, he was lucky the membership he had from the sport complex before his army that had life validity was not cancelled. Rick had before the face of the complex and they were very happy to see him back there. It was one of the biggest sport complex, with the best gym facilities, in door and our door pool, shopping arcade and coffee shops. The annual member ship and it was not easy to get a entrance to this place, so mainly rich people and people in show biz were welcomed there. Rick loved to sit at the lobby coffee shop after the training, he had chance to meet old friend there and got introduced to a new people in the market. He had yet to learn lots of new idols who had debuted right after his enlistment, other than that he just like to be there, sit and watch people.

 –         Noona!!

Rick heard very familiar voice

–         Monkey! What are you doing here?

Alex quickly got down on both of his knees and raised his hands up, in one of the hands he had paper roll. Lean looked at her brother with the suspicious eyes, then without being control her self she smiled

–         Get up and explain what you are doing here

Alex handed over the papers to her sister.

–         Noona Please !!

Lean was going through the papers and then looked at her brother

–         Didn’t you forget anything?

Alex looked at the her sister and then and the man standing next to her

–         I am very sorry Mr. Lee, please forgive me!

Alex gave a bow to a man and greeted him

–         Are you ok Mr. Lee, I am so happy to see you, hope your family is ok. Did you wife like the gift my sister picked up for her?

Mr. Lee was standing dressed in black suite and with walky talky in his hands, he was family body guard.

–         Yes thank you young master!

Alex looked at Mr. Lee and with the disappointment in his eyes said

–         I asked you so many times not to call me that way, and address me only by name.

Mr. Lee smiled and Alex and relied

–         Yes Alex, thank you everyone is fine. I am glad to see you, you are growing to be a great man as your father.

–         Ha- ha. My father? I am growing better person as my sister.

Lean raised one eyebrow and said

–         I never teach you how to butter up so cheap.

–         Noona!! How can you say this about me, you know I am being very honest

–         Ok I can see all your transfer papers are in order, Mr. Lee I guess you won’t deny that this is work of your hands, I just wonder how you going to control this monkey later when he will grow up into ape. And who do you think Dad will react on this?

Mr. Lee coughed and with apology written on his faced said

–         Lean you know better than anyone that Alex can not stay away from you for long, and plus if you will inform your father he will not be agree at all, as long it will come from your side. And I will do my best to hide him till then.

–         Hide? No hiding, he has no time for hiding he will report to school on Monday no breaks, if he wanted to be in Seoul he have to leave the life in a full mode, Busan was easy on him and I was, but now everything is changed.

–         Noona?!!

–         Yes Noona has changed as well, I won’t deny that I am happy to see you here, and I knew that sooner or later this will happen but you should learn how to inform me and your father and at least as for the elder’s opinion.

–         I understand.

Lean looked at her brother and she couldn’t hide any more her happiness to see him, and finally have him around. She turned to Mr. Lee and said

–         I want to spend sometime with my brother, please transfer all his staff to my apartment, please inform my dad we will have dinner with him today, and you may leave us for today Mr. Lee, this is an order. I missed my brother a lot and I have lots and lots to talk to him about.

Alex was so happy to hear it and he jumped of happiness, he again gave a bow to Mr. Lee hugged his sister and said

–         shall we go to our usual place in Meyon dong?  

–         Oh I forgot about that place, we must go there right now.


 When Lean moved toward the exit, Alex asked Mr. Lee almost whispering

–         how was noona this days?

–         Busy

–         Good busy is good

–         Yes!!


Rick witness everything what happened, he then looked around to see if Tina was round too, but she wasn’t, he wondered, why he is keep on bumping on this family, and then he thought that it might be a good things, cause may be one day he will bump into Tina and will be able to ask her out on a date. He had a smile on his face while thinking about it.

Jang was Rick’s friend from before, he had treated Rick as his older brother, and it was rick who helped him in the beginning.

–         What are you doing here all smiling?

Jang sure surprised Rick with this appearance from nowhere.

 –         Hey you!! When did you come to Korea?

Both man have hugged each other and give a very loud greeting.

–         I have just arrived, I saw your twitter update so I knew I will find you there, still can not change your old habits?

–         I am so glad to see you Jang, it’s been long time, I heard everything about you, you are doing great, keep it up!

–         Thanks brother, how is things with you?

–         I am working on it.

–         I help !!

Jang took his phone out and made a selca picture of both of them, made a funny post on twitter

–         how long you going to stay in Korea this time?

–         For some time, will star shooting new drama next week, so I came back to get ready.

–         Cool!! So we have chance to hang out, I will need you help, you know that

–         No worries man!! So how about, lunch, then dinner , then clubbing

–         How about we just star with lunch and see how it will go on.


It was first time for Rick to enter this night club, club called “ heaven”, he heard a lot about this place but he never had chance to visit it. Club was big and very well maintained, from face control till the private top top vip rooms. Club was for members and guest only, so if you have a membership you are allowed to bring with you only two guest at the time. Jang had booked a private room, and all his friends were there, half of them Rick knew already another half he had chance to meet, young woman dressed in all famous brand you imagine were passing by to say hi to Jang. The private room that hey had, had a big glass window, so you can easily notice everyone on the dance floor two waiters was inside the room to assist with the drinks, the place was dissent.

– How do you like the place?

– Very dissent I have to say. Do you come here often?

– Every time I am in town

– Do they keep this room for you all the time?

– no way they have in total only 3 rooms like this and we have to book in advance, I booked it while I was in states knowing I am coming J 

– jeez!!

On the opposite side of the club Rick could see the same room and it was full with young guys in their early twenties, they were very hyper, talking very actively moving and dancing, they sure had lots of fun. Rick was trying to recognize any one from the idol groups but he couldn’t

–         Jang, who are this guys? Just look at them how come they managed to get in?

–         Ah this is the son of the owner, this room is actually the 4th room and it is never available for rent. Its his place, I haven’t see him for a while he comes very seldom, I heard he is studying abroad or something, so every time he is around he comes here with his friends, Crazy staff, this guy walks around with body guards, few times I saw him sitting there just with one of the bodyguards talking for hours, another time I saw him with one lady, I don’t know who she is, but when she comes to check on the boy they act funny. Oh see she came 


Lean entered the room, she was dress in simple black nothing fancy small clutch in her hands, as soon as she opened the door all the boys freeze and like a soldiers bowed to her with greetings, in return she gave them a bright smile she asked them if they are feeling comfortable and if they need anything, then she asked her brother to step out with her.


–         Rick want to go down for a fresh air?

Both Jang and Rick were standing on the terrace, the terrace was outside and at the same time inside the building, it had 4 tables with chairs and it was so convenient, in other clubs you need t go out and deal with staring passing by people which was not comfortable at all, here everything was don’t for people like Jang and Rick for people is show biz who don’t like to be disposed, smoking or drinking. Rick then noticed Lean entering the terrace with the same body guard he saw her at the complex, she was giving him instructions

–         Mr. Lee you know I don’t like when Alex spend too much time here, please make sure you always keep an eye on all of them, one leaves the room you follow, make sure by 1 am they are all out of here and you personally one by one deliver them to their door steps. Please Ask Mr. Baek to arrange some food for the guys and soft drink. I shall wait Alex at home bring him home latest by 2am

Mr Lee gave a sign that he got everything

–         I will take you home first

–         No you stay here I am going to take a taxi

–         Lean you know I will never let you do that, and if your father will know

–         My father will never know about it and we know what to say to him if he will caught us one day, I promise I will call you once I am there.

Alex came out as well and looking for his sister 

– Lean i shall have a ride home with you and then come back with Mr. Lee

– it is not necessary and it is not polite for you to leave the guest, they haven’t see you for quite sometime, so please don’t make me drag you there myself.

Alex knew Lean will not let him any way but he just wanted to try, his sister was always noting but acting right. He just placed a scarf around her neck and said

– I know you won’t sleep till i come back, so i promise i wont be late.

Lean looked at the scarf and relied with the smile, touching her brother’s face.

– I have ma lot to catch up with, after spending a day wondering with you in Seoul today, so don”t worry about me, just have fun, and tell guys promise is promise. 

– OK i will see you at home.

– alright Monkey !!

Alex left the terrace, Lean exchange few words with Mr. Lee and left as well.

Rick and Jang just smile at each other, then Jang said

– Monkey? haha that’s why that room called Money zone. I wonder if its his real name.

– his name is Alex. And i really don’t know why i keep on bumping at this family. this is like third time

– Really? May be it is fate 😉

– very funny ><, but you know what i don’t mind because they have another sister, and she is damn everything i want in woman. 

Jang kept his head down and lighted another cigarette.

Manager Shin was 40 years old, and he was managing this place from the day it was opened, he knew all the people come to this club, all the members and their guests, he had brilliant memory, he talked less and always saw a lot. He greeted both guys and asked if they are enjoying the place, Jang was very regular at the club and Shin always checking on him.

– Shin you know everyone and everything about this place, can you tell us more about the Monkey and his family.

Shin Smiled and Jang and said

– there us nothing much i can tell you, one thing you need to know if they wouldn’t be dissent this place would not be as dissent as it is.

– what about the daughters

– Lean, you just saw, she is the creator of this place, this was her first work, she did for her and for Tony, this is place were she used to hang our with him in a Heaven zone which is now called Monkey zone. Tina is just back from France, she is to be biologist and now practicing in Daedu, Alex is studying law. 

–   Does Tina comes here often……

Before shin could reply Jang drugged him and told him its time for them to return to the room. On the way to the room Jang met a young boy, they exchange few words, and than guy followed him to the room they had.

– Rick meet Bong, he is soon to be debuted, I found him here dancing, this guys is new version of you.

Bong bowed and said

– I am so honored to meet you, i am your fan since i was a kid.

– when it was yesterday?

Rick smiled at him and taped his back

– how come you are in the club, how did they let you in?

Bong just pointed at the room opposite

– I am with the guys, we are allowed to come here under the supervision, By the way i need to move before they start looking for me. It was nice meeting you.

Jang then notice Bong was holding a gift box in his hand.

– is the guy having a birthday?

he asked pointing at the other room with his head

– No, it is for Lean, i came late and did not catch her, i was on the way to drop it into Alex’s car

– Its her birthday today?

– No i just bought this as a congratulation for a new contract she just got here in Seoul, and i am so happy he is back in town. So i just wanted to give this to her as a welcome and congratulation gift.

Rick looked at the boy and wondered what he got her, what possibly a young guy give a woman who has everything

– what did you get her? If you don’t mind me asking you.

– i went to Jeju last week and I bought her a scarf, the one that made by local people there. She used to have the same, but she lost it when last time we flew to Singapore. 

– How come you never told me you are so close to the family?

Jang was very surprised, asking him.

– there is nothing to brag about, they are just nice people and i am just happy to have them in my life. Now sorry i really have to go back, i have notice Mr. Lee wondering in the dace floor looking for me. I think i will be scold. 

Bong quickly run out of the room.

The same week, Rick had two agents approached him with the contract, but after learning them he had refused to sign, he knew there was nothing to chose, but still he was trying for anything better than what he got offered. None of the companies were ready for a full force push for him, when he was 100% ready. He spend more time with his sister, helping her with the new school he had treated her with few new cloths and shoes, she was now young pretty lady, and looking at her, he was thinking that he will need to start earn good money soon in order to pumper her sister at time to time, she didn’t wan her to feel as she was extra weight on his shoulders. He wanted to give her everything she deserved.

One of the day he was surfing the net and he just typed ” young and Young” in a search and read a  lot about the company, he found pictures of children and of course there were lots of articles about Lean and Tony, not many pictures of then together were released, only couple that they have taken in States, and then only pictures of Lean and her family, that were taking during the funeral. Then he has noticed the date, it was exactly that day today two years ago. He picked up the phone and called Jang 

– Hey today’s Tony’s second year anniversary.

– yes i know, all the family is in heaven, three of them, they just came into monkey zone the curtains are closed so i can not see anything.

– Tina?

– yes she is there as well.

Rick got dressed and went to the club, as soon as he entered the room he has notices Bong siting kin the room too, he was wearing black suite, lok like he was attending the ceremony as well.

– whats going on? Bong what are you doing here?

Bong greeted Rick and said

– waiting for Alex and his sisters, they have asked me to be with them, but i couldn’t, i remembered Alex told me last year, that they came here as well, and both sisters drank till they passed out, and Alex just was pouring the drink, they drank glass after another, saying nothing much, Lean was crying non stop and Tina too, Alex said that he had a feeling this would never end. But i know this is the only day when sister’s drink this much.

– Did you know Tony?

Rick asked

– yes i knew him a bit

– did you know they were dating?

– yes, and they were perfect couple, i dream to have the same when i find a right girl like Lean

– why are you waiting for them, are they going some place else?

– no but we guys never leave her till she enters home.

– guys?

– they all are down, today we have each black Mercedes to drive, now when Alex will come down with his sisters, we all go gonna follow them home. Alex arrange the cars for us every year, we help to transport Tony’s family and friends, and later come here.

Rick went down and saw the guys standing in front of the club, all of them were dressed in black, two body guards were watching them, he thought that today he won;t have chance to see Tina so he has decided to leave, as soon as he entered the car, he saw guys running to their cars then he saw two more cars came to the entrance, the door opened and he saw Alex coming out of the club with Lean in his hands and Mr. Lee followed him with Tina in his, both got entered in different cars and all 7 cars moved one after another, making impressing escort. Rick started the car and followed them till the end.

                                         End part 3 

Two Rings Part 2

Year 2011 

Lean was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and sort of watching TV

“Rick has been discharged from the army today; hundreds of his fans were waiting for his outside the camp……”

–         Alex! Time to get up

She scream from the top of her lungs, and took file with the note on it “sign”, she went through papers again and put them back at the kitchen table

–         Will you sign it already or throw it already, it’s been a week, do you think they still wait for you?

Her younger brother was fully dressed with his school back; he drank a glass of orange juice and came to kiss his sister.

–         Good morning Monkey!!

Lean removed a scarf from his neck and said

–         it so spoiling the look and you don’t need to wear it to school.

Alex put a glass on the table and put a scarf around his sister’s neck and said

–         What about date tonight, we play goy stop if I win you sign the contract if I lose we move to Seoul.

Lean smiled at her so smart brother and said

– what about you go to school right now and I will figure it out on my own and please call Tina, you haven’t spoken to her in few days. 

As soon as door get closed, Lean picked up the papers again and with holding them in one hand she picked up the phone and pressed 1 on a speed dialer.

– Dad!! its me…….. 

– Sam, Do you think it’s right for me to go to Busan for this show? 

– This is the only offer we have right now and we need take it, we have to take what ever comes right now and never say NO! keep using Yes sir yes as they taught you in the army.  So you have 3 day for rehearsal.

– Ok! I understand, I will do whatever it takes and what about the transfers papers for Helen, she is not going back to Jeju, she is staying with me, please can you pull your strings and make it happened. I want her in a best school, any she wants.

– you were very good tonight Rick, you were good as before like you were not leaving this for a second.

– thank you! whats next ?

– we will see tomorrow, it’s only beginning, but we sure need to find someone to invest in you plus new endorsements will be good right now.  I shall keep my ears open, you don’t worry.

-How long will the train come? 

– we have another 20 minutes, Coffee? 

– No, i want to have a nap in the train 

Rick was watching passing by people, he was not hiding, he was not wearing sun glasses, he understood that people forgot him, there were no one to ask for his autograph no one ask to take a picture with him. he covered his face with his palms and for a second he wanted to return to the times when it was so different. 

– you are Rick right? i am sure its you! 

He opened his eyes and saw young man standing in front of him wearing PJ and scarf around his neck, and he was holding an Ipad in one hand and mobile phone in another.

– OMG you are Rick!! I am your biggest fan, Can i take a picture with you?

Rick got confused for a second and was thinking he is dreaming but then he realized it was real

Sam came and looking at the boy said

– you want me to take a picture of both of you together?

Boy bowed and said

– thank you!!

After taking a picture, bowed and thanks them again then apologized and run away. 

– Let’s go we need to move the train is coming

said Sam picking up the back from the chair

– I wonder what this boy is doing here in PJ.

Sam smiled and said while moving

– there are so many strange people now a days, you never know may be this guy is a psycho.

– I don’t think so.

They saw the same guy running at the platform and calling out for some one

– Noona !! noona!!

– I am here monkey !! What are you doing here?

-Noona, so many times i asked not to call me Monkey in public! This is must be a last time !!

Lean smiled and made few steps back, took her camera and made a picture of her brother.

– this something i want to remember later!!

she said laughing to make it a bigger peek at her brother.

– Noona, you forgot your toy.

he handed over her an Ipad and then took as scarf and put it on her sisters shoulders.

– My Mo… My Alex is such a grown man now, Thank you!!

– Noona have a safe trip and I am going to miss you so much, please try to visit me soon.

she hugged her brother and said

– I will see you this weekend. Now go back and try to sleep, don’t be late to school, I will call you later in the afternoon. 

Alex watched his sister moving toward the train and when he was inside he shouted

– Tina is running tell her hi from me

Tina was running to catch the train, she didn’t even notices Alex standing on a platform, she jump into to train, breathing heavily.

– I told you this boy is not what you think he is.

said Rick watching him from the train window, then he made him self comfortable on his sit and was about to close his eyes when he saw your lady run into train. 

– Lean !! here you are

she sat with the same woman he saw with that boy at the train platform.

– Oh come here princess, come let me look at you. Today you are more beautiful than ever, even half sleep and your messy hair.

Tina gave a hug to her sister and kiss, they smiled at each other

– but yet still everyone loves you more than me.

– don’t say that way, every one know who is the real beauty of Young family.

Rick could not take his eyes of the beautiful young lady, she had fair skin, great body and great fashion style, she was more beautiful than any actresses he saw in his life, and her smile was angelic. He as well noticed that she was from a rich family, from the brands she was wearing and caring.

– Let’s call Dad before he is asleep.

Lean picked up and ipad and called him with the video call. Tina quickly greeted her father and made her self comfortable on her sister’s shoulder it was a minutes before she felt asleep. Lean was talking to her Dad for a while discussing the contract and other points and after wishing him a good night she closed the line. 

Rick was watching sleeping lady and then switch his look to another and have noticed that they were so no alike and if their sister, no one on earth would say that they are, both were totally different. He saw how Lean looked at her sister while she was asleep, then removed a scarf from her shoulders and cover Tina with it, then she went back to her papers. Then he closed his eyes and felt asleep, in about 30 min he opened his eyes and first think he did looked at Tina, she was still asleep on her sister’s shoulders, then he looked and Lean, and suddenly got awake. Lean was leaning at the window and tears were running down her face, she did not wipe them, she just let them fall from her eyes, she didn’t sob or make any noise she was just quietly crying, tears were like a rare rain falls coming down from her eyes, all she was doing is playing with the necklace. ” what is she thinking about?” 

Rick suddenly wanted to know, someone’s phone rang very loudly and made Tina and the rest passengers to wake up, Tina looked at her sister, then she was not surprised to see her sister cry, there was no reaction at all, like it was normal like it was supposed to be like this, she just took the scarf and wrapped in over Lean’s neck removing her hands from the necklace, then she wiped the tears from her sister’s face with the tissue, made her put her head on her shoulders and slowly glade her hair to make you calm down.

Rick find it very interesting watching both of them, he wondered more abut then he wanted to know what was going on.

– Sam!

Sam was reading something in the internet looked at ricks.

– you are awake there are good comments about your performance today.

– Sam look and those two girls, Do you know one of them, that one on the right is must be a model or something, she has everything to be in show biz?

Sam look at the girls and type something on the net than said

– the other one on the left is Lean Young, she is daughter of Dan Young, the owner of the Young and Young group of companies, they are mainly into construction business. Lean was fiance of Tony Lee, who passed away 2 years ago in a helicopter flight with his mother and father. It happened one month after your enlistment.

– Tony Lee?

– yes! 

– they were engaged for about a year, and was about to get married, right after his death someone published pictures in the internet of them together in states, it was a big thing, they were together for 7 years. She later gave an interview, they have met when she was studying in US, Tony that time was in US filming CF for their company. Apparently Tony loved her a lot, he did his best to protect her privacy and his own, everything was so secret for so many years, only few people knew about their relationship. 

– how was reaction?

– by the time all this happened people could feel noting by sadness, they felt sorry for her and lots of people were writing to her and sending her condolences, later she moved to Busan i heard she moved there because his aches were spread there, so one sad she moved there because she didn’t want people to feel sorry too much towards her.

Rick remembered how everyone was so sad when Tony had died, he was on a peak of his career, he was good actor and had even break in Hollywood. Tony was all women dream man, every woman in Korea wanted to be with him, he remembered even how top Korean actresses were making move towards him. rick met him couple of times but he never had chance to work with him, but during only few time they met Rick knew that Tony was a real man of his word, very kind and he always respected all his colleagues and people working with him in the same field. he looked at Lean and watch her sleep, she made a move with her hand and the scarf moved and he finally could noticed two rings hanging on her neck.