its late at night, i am standing here
and crying loud in the dark
the door is closed but you can hear
my weakness now, and i am ashamed

i know its done we closed all chapters
i know there is no way back home
where we were happy and together
we now apart but still alone

I came today just for a moment
and moment turned into an age
i came today just to remember
but memories has turned into my tears

Don’t take me wrong i know its over
and just like you i am all done
i came today to bury feelings
and funeral has just began


I want you no more

Why did i come here again, why do i cry?
Looking at the locked door with questions why
why do i think that i can turn the time?
thinking you will come back and everything is fine

there you are behind a heavy wood piece
listening me cry and beg you, ask you please
like there is not life without you any more
you know all the reasons I’ve come here for

its not for you I come here everyday
its not like i want you to look at me and say
i just want to forget you with my tears
each minute of us will leave me with drops of ease

till tears are over i shall come back
because right here my memories arent fake
right here behind your closed door
i can say easily i want you no more