I have tattoo

it says ” this too shall pass”

but feel my life, it has no motion

when bed things happen, all stand still

and its so difficult to cross it

i have tatto

it says just “love”

its written on a hand so they can see it

the thing i am looking all the time

the thing i always missing

i have tatto

its from ‘Invictus”

about how i am thankful for my soul

i made it to prevent my bad thoughts

and take my life as it was giving from the start

i have tatto

its Capricorn

behind my ear , its just a sign

they say that capricorns are very friendly

i am your friend I need a friend.


Tattoo or not tattoo

Hello world !!

Its been a while since my last post, I know that nobody is reading my nonsense but still i feel like one day somewhere someone will find it and will read my mind.

So for the last few days i was thinking about getting a tattoo one small or may be 2 small ones. I have turned the web upside down and there are few ideas that i likes, but there some with the bit of inspiration too. I so envy people who knows what exactly they tattooed and  their ink mean something to them, i am looking for some ideas that will inspire me.

My latest crush happens to be Kim Jae Joong from JYJ and he is famous for his unique tattoes, he has ” Always keep the faith on his chest, both of his birth dates on the a spine and name of other members of JYJ on a lower back, each an every tattoo on his body has meaning. I love the idea about faith but this would me just a copy of the crush and if tomorrow my crush will change tattoo with remain for life.

What do you think about this ?


its very simple and very light, i think I will manage the pain

and this ?


There are also Quotes that i would love to make on my color bone something like :

I am The Master of my fate : I am the captain of my soul

Nothing loves can ever be lost

with every heart beat

Most of those quotes has been already used, i can not come up with something unique of my own.

The quote of my favorite song ? or may be date of my birth or may be the childhood nickname


Image And the part of the body to use to tattoo is very important to use, it should be placed correctly so later when you age it will not disturb you much.

Thou many people say that it is not a good idea to do one, once you are old, people will look at it and laugh it wont look nice any more, so if i made it in a place where it will be most of the time covered and when i am old i wont be going to the beach in bikini, i am guessing if i am gonna live this long



So if you read this post and feel like to suggest please feel free

” keep in mind that I love you “