There was a queen, and she had Joker

There was a queen, and she had Joker

he had a voice and never smiled

you ask me why i have an answer

but listen to this from the start

those day when she was just a princess

and days before he grew as man

the darkness fall and war has killed

their fathers in the battlefield

she was a crier and her mother decided

to announce the game

the person who will make her happy

will stay by her and live with her

Not many people had the courage

not many people had a will

the war has taken many people

so many people had to leave

there was a boy and he was loner,

he had no family no friends

he earn some money as a beggar

while singing in the poor streets

One day while passing near carriage

he sang the song about the girl

who never smiled, was always crier

and no one wanted be with her.

There was a queen she had a Joker

who had a voice but never smiled

because one day he met his princess

who was as saddest as is life.

you think this story has no sun shine

you think this Joker poor guy

but read again.

There was a queen and she had Joker

and Joker was his Name

As queen has promised they got married

they lived together till the end

they make so many people happy

they make the country grow with wealth.

Not long ago i came to know

the story of a poor lady

who married king and had a girl

But royal family has spelled her

Spell made her crier and and unhappy

so she would live and die alone

But Joker came and love has concurred

so don’t forget believe in Love …