Loneliness on a sad day

I have no one to talk to right now

So if you’re here let me know

if your loneliness needs to be heard

I am here don’t just think on your own

don’t you know everything has it say

even sad days have their reasons

by this time i have already learned

about their favourite seasons



what a beautiful night

and we meet again

hello and how you’ve been

you read my mind, and i can read

-i am fine its been a while

what a beautiful night

we stand and look and here come the smile,

the one i love the most

i missed you, come see me every night

you read my mind and i read

– i am always by your side

i blush and you still smile and here come the tears

that always by my eyes

i want to hold you in my arms

you read my mind and i read

– if you will cry, you will wake up

you making steps one at the time but i cry harder

i almost reach your hand

i am sorry

you read my mind and i read

till the next night