Just Coz its summer

I with i could blend my life in blender with some ice so it could make me feel a bit cooler


Funnel of thought about body constitution

Yesterday, after finishing my 1.5 hrs sweating and painful fun at the gym, I was passing by PQ cafe-shop and I have seen this picture. 

A very slim looking lady is enjoying a piece of cake with her same slim looking friend and that, exactly that made me feel so mad.

Its been a while i have had any of fast food meals, i have already forgot the taste of Burger and the french fries, and when i say cheese cake, the taste of it is no longer gives me that ring of the bells in my head because yes i don’t remember the taste of it as well. Most of the time i eat only that crunchy jaw braking Fitness cereal meal in the evening, I exercise twice a week in the gym, run  2 km, do weights staff, burpies, cranches etc…. and yet ………. I can not lose my weight. and what i hate the most is when people say “ just give up. its your body constitution

Constitution; they say that because you can not break it, and the only way to break it is to kill it, i mean no blood no change of constitution, so i guess the only way i can do it is to lay under the night of the plastic surgery. I know what you might say, you will say of this will cost you lots of money. And just think about how much i do spend on all this gym. enrollments, cereal meals and all those expensive organic, non fat, crap tasting crap. 


Of cause there will be no surgery for me….. the thought of all of this has funnel in my head while i was passing by that cafe and watching them eat cake, and being slim.

I went out lighted a ciggy and said, I still love myself just the way i am