Love through the windows

She used to watch him play guitar

from her room window, every evening

She used to wait till he’ll go home

to see the lights on in his window

She was in love but from the distance

he didn’t even know her name

they used to live in opposite buildings

for many years for many days

`She kept her windows always open

so she could hear him play and sing

then she will slowly move to window

and look at him under the lights of streets

She used wait for him each morning

so she could walk with him to school

and walk behind him and his girlfriend

and hiding heartache everyday

now years had gone and in another country

she’s watching secretly his page

he is musician and he is famous

her distance bigger but her love the same

she owns guitar but never played it

its all she has to think of him

she never sold that old apartment

with windows looking at his flat.


I loved you before

when words has been vanished and feelings are gone

when tears are dried out and hearts say no more

and rather i say ” i hate you right now”

and stand here and say ” I loved you before”

before not right now, out hearts were as one

the look at each other was signal of love

and it was so wild and crazy and kind,

the love that we have no longer to find

Lets turn us away before we are fine

before we could hate before we could lie

before we could lose the moment to say

“I loved you so much with heart and my mind”

No need to look back and search for an answers

no need for excuses no need for a chance

we need to begin our lives from beginning

and open our hearts for new love to come