Do, promise

We, women, often like to think that we are special

because you, men, say we are weak

because you often promise to secure us

from all the bad things on our ways

next time instead of promising just do it 

Just put your arms around and just say 

I’ll do my best , I’ll do it, i will protect you all the way 




One moment of my life I want to remeber

I was standing in a long taxi que for about 30 min and some smart !@#$% man was trying to get a taxi before anyone for sometime and no one was saying a word, I’ve stepped aside to through something into the garbage came back and another !@#@# man from the que was shouting at me for cutting the que, till others said that I was there from the long time. When I asked him ” are you shouting at me because i am a woman and you feel brave? why didnt you say anything to that guy who is trying to get a taxi avoiding a que for a while now?” All the women said ” Yes !!” i guess he will remember this for a while.