My Mam used to say… Rule # 1

As we grow up as women, our lives usually reflect from what we got from our mothers, no matter if we live in a modern times, we still follow of the roots of mothers wisdom.

Looking back to the times when i was a child, only now I understand that I am copying my moms acts, and my life has a great effect from her sayings and teachings. My Mom was a great daughter to her parents, even now when both of my grand parents are passed, I still see her respect to them, I can see y the way she speak about them, how she visit them at the graveyard and by the way she wishes she could do better as daughter. I think me putting my parents as my first priority in everything, i got it from her.

Don”t think that i have got only positive sites, there are so many things i wish i did not absorb when i was a child. 

Here are some rules i would love to forget and i wish i never listen them in my life.

1 Never let man pay for you,

I have learned this lesson while being in high school, when one of my classmate paid for my bus fare and when i told her that, she made me return the fare money to him next day, imagine how embarrassing  it was.

“This boy is not working yet and the money he paid for you is money that his parents earned and he has no right to spend it on you and you have no right to accept it” Sound so right and with full of meaning isn’t it?

One thing she forgot to mention to me that time, that I can accept man to pay if he is working and earning his own money. Now come and see me going out with the guys I usually the first one to get my valet out of my bag, i always split the bill, and if you are living in Arab’s world, man will never let you pay, but with my moms teaching i always fight with them and in the end i still pay my half.

Who would want to take me out after that? Who will want to deal with the woman who is fighting over the bill?

And this is not all !!

After you pay and you feel that you independent and you can do more that that, you may say that we need man for many things like power, moral support etc., but in the end everything comes to money, we need man support us financially too, and dont try to convince me other way around. No money no honey !!! so when you have money you can pay, you have powers as man, you need to shift you need man power call for a packers pay and get it. Your bathroom problems call plumber and finish it off, not all man can do plumber’s job. Long story short never do as my mom did, if you say it say it with correction, so your daughter can live a normal woman life or she will think that man need only for one thing, extras to pay and extra toy on the sofa so she can use it when she feels like to play with it.