Downhill of my life

and again i’m standing at the downhill of my life

and again i am lost and scared and lonely

and again i feel like life is so unfair

and again i want this time for me to  come to end

yet i know the  better days will be there

yet i know these bad days all be gone

yet i still can not control emotions

yet again i am scared, i am lost, and all alone

life is short they say i guess not mine

just because the downhill is unpretty

and the darkness of it all around

make me wanna look for that one light.

but i won’t give up i’ll keep on climbing

may be there is something i forgot

thats why life has taken me to downhill

to remind me that the hill has other side.

i will live on and come back to downhill

may be many, many other times

but i will make my self keep going

till the downhill will become my paradise.


Life, Train, Station

my life is like train and platforms

and wondering if stations right

will next ride take me to the places

where i can find where i can try

another train another worries

or may be i should wait a bit

and may be finally someone will tell me

its yours, its time, let us take ride

and when i am moving towards something

this time i am a little brave

because somebody finally has told me

that everything will be alright

and then i will start  slowly planing

what i will do and how i will

and start to dream and learn conditions

of how to live this moving life

its not the motion nor the stations

its opportunity to chose

that i am scared that i am worried

to take the wrong and not my train

At Times those times

at times when nobody around

and you think that you on your own

at times when nothing has a colour

and your soul makes your body cold

at times when even thinking makes it boring

and book is heavier then tones

at times when you see nothing is a blessing

because what you can see it totally so wrong

at times when you can not avoid the sounds

that scratch your ears inside to pain

at time when you can scream the silence

that tears your lung away apart

at times those times are meant to happen

at time those times yet best to have.

What I live

My Lord, today I bend my knees

and hands has come together

I lived another day of life

of life that you have gave me

I want to ask if i did right

the way i spend the hours

of day that has just passed me by

it passed and i cant live it over.

I might not know details of action

this days i just go on and on

sometimes i don’t even remember

the things the timing and so on.

believe me, i am also worried

that days are passing just like this

that’s why i wonder every morning

if i deserved my last night sleep

just please control me i think i am losing

the power that i have had

i think the thing of getting older

is now the seconds matter what i live.


they say don’t look behind your path
and keep on moving forward
but longing of those faces left behind
is much much stronger

what if your deeds you’ve done is better
than what you gonna do ahead
what if your life was longer
what if that was a life you left

right now to live this world is harder
so hard its like those squeezing shoes
that make you stop from walking forward
and makes you call it for an end

Languages of my life

Russian is my mother tong
English is inside of my mind
Korean is always in my ears
because their music is unique

I use 1 part of 10 Korean
2 parts of it po russkiy *
the rest is always English
because i have no choice

I wish one day to think po Russkiy *
say everything in Hangook Mal *
and never ever use my English
I think i really have had enough

* po Russkiy from Russian language means in Russian
* hangook Mal from Korean means Koran words to speak

Life to wear

waking up is not a problem
even if its 5am
coffee cup with cigaret
staring at the wardrobe

what to wear today?or what to be?
killing for an answers?
i just wanna wear my life
will it be a nonsense?

everyday is other day
even if its gloomy
i would love to have an option
of a different life to wear.


day after day, post after post
everybody think i live like a boss
i basically never work and strangle
and never faced a problem in my life

those pictures after pictures that i post
they think i am so happy and never in loss
i show them only happy faces
what with this life of lies and happy faces?

what if i start to post that i am poor
that i have no income and have no clue
what if i say i am always hungry
and never had the dream to live of my very own

will they believe or try to help me
will they extend their helping hand
or may be they just simply block me
and never wanna see me once again

i Photoshop my life on daily basis
i show them life so they can envy
will you agree with me right now?
when i say you Photoshop your life

Another day of our lives

How beautiful can be the string of sunlight, through the window curtains

when everything is going right in life

when nothing in your mind aside this warmth of thin line

that makes you feel so much alive


How wonderful it is to know that morning

is just a new beginning of the day

when everything is so much normal

and new day brings you nothing but the joy


So just forget about all your problems and look at life

where every morning is a clean page

and every thin line of the sunlight is a hope