Made in Korea ~ Cosmetics Brands

image1Today I have placed on a tray few products of Korea cosmetics that I use. As I have mentioned in my previous Blog, Korean cosmetics are very popular all over the world and if you like Skin treatments then you must look into their products.
I shall write about those products one by one and let you know how you can use them and let you know what I like the most.

1 SK II is actually not a Korean made product but very popular in Korea and all over the world. SK II is Japanese made cosmetics and made of Sake ingredients. I use Essence and a day cream that is mark under number 1. They have a very weird smell, but it will make you skim very soft, moisturized and it will help you to control the face color tone. essence is as well gives a mate glow to your skin, its good to apply it in the evening to help your skin have a breather.

2 is a Skin Food product, Its a skin cleansing lotion, in a mid thick consistency, you can used it to remove you BB and CC cream. What good in this product is that you can apply it all over your face and then without rinsing with water just wipe it off with the tissue and you are good to go. I do it right after i come from work and then before i go to sleep i do more deep cleansing.

3 is another Skin Food product  and it is Brown Sugar scrub mask. I usually apply it after i use the Cleansing lotion that under 2. You need to apply it on your face gently scrubbing it and then leave the mask on your face as it is for about 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off with the warm water. This mask is helping your face to remove the dead skin and when you are leaving it for 20 minutes your skin will get it a shot of glucose to keep your skin firm.

4 is a make up mist and its the product of Tony Molly, I usually use it after i apply mu make up before going out it gives mu skin a glow and help to keep my make up sit for a long.

5 Water Bank Mist Product of Laneige. I always carry it with me and one bottle is keep at work. It is a water bank to keep your skin enough moisturized through out the day.

6 Its my cute hand lotion that always with me in my bag. it has a great smell, everytime i wash my hands i need to apply cream or hand lotion to get reed of that dry feeling after the soap. This product always make my hand skin more calm and smell nice and I just love the packaging 🙂

7 Inisfree night pack. This niht pack is made of Green tea extracts. I have two ways of using. Before i go to sleep I just apply it on my face and go to sleep, this mask helps your face from swallowing, another way is to used it with the SOS oil that reach of vitamins E, this combination will give your face more glow more bright and more healthy face skin in the morning.

8 Lips and Eyes removal it is a Tony Molly product Blast line and it works just perfect with me, because I always use water proof mascara and eye liners.

9 BB cream by Laneige. Where never it comes to BB or Powder I always go for Laneige, because I like how it feels on My skin. It is very light, never sticky and always make my skin look natural. Plus i like that it always keeps my skin moisturized due to it consistency. I always apply it with my fingers never with the brush, like this it really nicely blends with my skin and at the same covers what it should cover and balance my face skin tone.

10 CC Cream by Tony Molly. It is my first CC cream, I used it for a more natural look when I want to look make up free but tat the same time to have a control of my skin tone. Works great with me with the touch of the Mist under number 4


11. My Summer look Lip Balms from Skin Food. very natural and very light.

12. Laneige collaboration with pushButton Eye Shadows. I has mixture of three colors, natural, pink and light brown. I used colors as well to control the skin tone around my eyes.

13. Face Masks, I usually use products of Face Shop, Inisfree and Mamonde

14.Eye Cooling Balm. I apply this balm when i am make up free to let my eyes cool off after whole day in front of Computer.  it is product of Tony Molly and it comes in cute packaging and very handy.

15. Face Shop Lip Tint very moist and I just love the color

16. and 17 I have to mentioned those together, because they work together.  17 is a eye concealer and 16 s a dark circle powder, after applying a concealer the powder helps you to sit it properly. You can use it separately you can actually play with a powder to give you more glow around your eyes area.

18.  Compact Powder my Laneige

19. Lipstick it is one of my bright and brave colors, product of Laneige and pushButton

20. Face Shop Eye Liner Gel. Most of the time I use pencil, but when I want to give my eyes nice arrows i used the gel. It comes with the brush, the brush is actually very good and helps me to make perfect lines.

21. BB cushion by Laneige collaboration with pushButtoon  to give mo cover to my skin and I use it when I put a heavy make up.


Languages of my life

Russian is my mother tong
English is inside of my mind
Korean is always in my ears
because their music is unique

I use 1 part of 10 Korean
2 parts of it po russkiy *
the rest is always English
because i have no choice

I wish one day to think po Russkiy *
say everything in Hangook Mal *
and never ever use my English
I think i really have had enough

* po Russkiy from Russian language means in Russian
* hangook Mal from Korean means Koran words to speak


LET IT GO COVER MADNESS It’s been more then a months since i have noticed Korean Singers go wild with the covers of Frozen Ost ” Let it go” Original soundtrack Had been sang by Demi Lovato  and in Korea Original cover was made by Hyorin, Hyorin is amazing singer and she has a charm […]


One of the things I really like to do is to surf the net before i fall a sleep, so post is another outcome.

I was going through the pics on instagram and there is one person i follow is Ben Baller, you may google his name and you can learn more about Ben and his amazing work but what will impress you more is the fact that he is friends with so many famous people, I have started to follow him because of my obsession with K pop and YG artists.

So i started my usual click by click, scroll by scroll; at first when you will look at his insta pics you would think this guy is all about show off, some of you might start envy him, because he has a perfect life according his posts. And this is what i have learn by his pictures.

I knew he is korean by blood, he is living in states, not sure if he was born there, but i think his life was not all this glamor rich and famous type of life. He has his own originality when it comes to his designs, and he has korean way of living life.

What would you think about the picture below


“Cool Car” and ” what about the doll?” This is what i thought and then started to read comments and this got more interesting. Some instagram users were rude and nasty, some were envious, some were impressed, but you need to grow up in korean family with korean people around you to understand what this all about.

If would have this car, i would post picture of it everywhere, if i could i would even stick the picture of it on the board of the supermarket just to show people that i own it. My mom will ring all her crazy bells to show it to each and every person she knows, this would apply for my Dad as well but in his situation is will double crazier then my Mom. But this will be not because they want to show up it will be like this

For my parents it will be like a medal for achievement, for raising me in a way that i have made my ways up, and first thing Korean people would say is that they have raised their child so well, and they gave to their child everything, Because this is the way they take things like this and they will not envy because of car, they will envy because they didn’t have that opportunity to do the same for their own children.

For me it will more of showing off my parents and they will not say to me ” you did well” they will say ” you parents did well”

Well i hope, you readers got me right here and i explained it in a proper way for you to understand Ben Baller as well.

So if you have time go check out his twitter and instagram account, i think you might find it intersting and eye catching, read the comments about the picture i have posted after reading my blog i think you may have another point of view.

What caught my eye is his cute son with the cute name London Asher.


Xoxo Nat