Looking for a fresh heart beat

Well since my addiction to Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is over now, i am looking for a new eye candy, to make my life interesting again.  Well i was looking into few possible candidates in Halluy madness and here are three new men who will possibly change the mood of my life.

Park Yoochun from JYJ, he is has proven to be a good actor and having great acting charisma, i simply loved him in I MISS YOU and in ROOFTOP PRINCE, he is tall and really kind looking personality, i think he can replace Rain and he has a great future ahead of him, not only with dramas and movies as well with the great music, so in this way he can bring me lots of joy and chances to look up to him even more.


My second choice will be K Will 🙂

you might say ” What a heck?” but i am one person who love with ears and his husky voice has been gradually taking my heart. Not all good singers can express a true feeling with the songs no matter how hard they try, but K Will with his strong ability to show and give his all to the each song he sings, made me feel that he is special, and his sensibility is unique to me.

I feel that no matte which song he will sing in the future with him singing it the meaning will be delivered correctly, and as a woman, who wont refuse a man with the big heart and good abilities to express the right emotions.

So what you think ?


The candidate number three is Song Joong Ki

No need to explain why I have chosen him, no need to describe why i like him, have you watched  ” Nice man” have you heard ” Really” ? if not then watch and listen and you will have all the right answers.


Ah! and i am big fan of his lips 🙂