Being proud of…….

This days I more often see how people post on their SNS words ” I am proud being Indian, or Russian, or Canadian, or Ukrainian etc” I don want to sound sarcastic, in my case i am not sure what i have to be proud of. I am Korean ( will never know if i am from South or North, because when my great grand parents left Korea it was one) I was born in USSR and right now holding Uzbek Passport. I can say i am proud of being Korean, or proud that i have experienced life during soviet Union, and i love Uzbekistan, it was always my home country.

What i want to say is, i rather see people say that they are proud of being humans, I think this will sound more sincere to this world right now.


Good Night !!!

i’m not afraid of night because its dark

and not because the things i can not see

i am afraid of night because

i can not see the thoughts i think

Mummy wanna be is scary

Hello world!!

Sitting in the office; and it is few days before the Month of Ramadan, things are  a bit quiet today, so i had time to read the news. And i wish i didn’t. 


This year is the year i have finally decided to have a child and made motherhood as a target for the next two years. I was getting ready to make this step for such long time, and now at age 34 i have finally decided that’s time. But…… 

Looking whats going on around the world, its really scaring me, not for myself for my future child. Should i bring or should i not bring another life into this world, when world is not so much welcoming lately, Look at the countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine. Economy crisis in Europe and Nature disasters is getting worse and worse year by year.

You never know which country is safe to settle, to be honest i have not much choices to make about this question, but still. Is it good to remain in Dubai or it is better to go back home where the economy is like shit hole and no way to get a job, but staying in Dubai will guarantee you nothing and when finally at you age of over 40 i will decide to go back home i might find nothing waiting for me over there, and i still have a child to raise. 

So i am in a huge dilemma right now, let it on a flow and see what will happen is not a good solution because my time is ticking.


Keep in mind that i love you

xoxo Nat



Me just saying

That I would love to be slim and wear skinny jeans, but my already big heart will not be fit in a new body, I have learn how to love so many different things aside myself, that made my heart grown big and its too late to size it …..