Looking for a fresh heart beat

Well since my addiction to Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is over now, i am looking for a new eye candy, to make my life interesting again.  Well i was looking into few possible candidates in Halluy madness and here are three new men who will possibly change the mood of my life.

Park Yoochun from JYJ, he is has proven to be a good actor and having great acting charisma, i simply loved him in I MISS YOU and in ROOFTOP PRINCE, he is tall and really kind looking personality, i think he can replace Rain and he has a great future ahead of him, not only with dramas and movies as well with the great music, so in this way he can bring me lots of joy and chances to look up to him even more.


My second choice will be K Will 🙂

you might say ” What a heck?” but i am one person who love with ears and his husky voice has been gradually taking my heart. Not all good singers can express a true feeling with the songs no matter how hard they try, but K Will with his strong ability to show and give his all to the each song he sings, made me feel that he is special, and his sensibility is unique to me.

I feel that no matte which song he will sing in the future with him singing it the meaning will be delivered correctly, and as a woman, who wont refuse a man with the big heart and good abilities to express the right emotions.

So what you think ?


The candidate number three is Song Joong Ki

No need to explain why I have chosen him, no need to describe why i like him, have you watched  ” Nice man” have you heard ” Really” ? if not then watch and listen and you will have all the right answers.


Ah! and i am big fan of his lips 🙂


Thunder in Rain’s ( Jung Ji Hoon) life

I don’t recall how and when I have started to admire Rain, i think after all the Korean drama Fever that i have got when my mom first sent me a “Boys over Flower” DVD.

Slowly i have turned in to K wave freak and not only K wave i have finally started to acknowledge

getImageCAQ0PZDITill now i believe that Rain is one and only real man looking actor/ singer in korean entertainment industry, learning about his background and all his way up into the stardom, made me fall for him more deeper.I have watched all his video, movies and dramas, read all his interviews i basically turned into Joony freak. and the sign of his stage name is Rain and i am actually rain loving person made this whole craziness even bigger. I have bit my farewell to him, and was even sad and had gloomy mood when he entered the army, i was very worried when they said he was not feeling well, and i was very proud when they named him as one of the best soldier in his base.  yes i did send him postcards and yest i did send him last xmas card as well, and yes i was more then sure that he did not read it. My friends all knew about my Rain addiction with my stupid posts on twitter and facebook, they even start to call him as my husband. my korean routs. New drama, New OST new Boy Band you can ask me I have the info, and then Rain happened.

On Dec 31 on NY eve one of my friend called me from London to wish me Happy new year and he wished for me to get over Rain. and now 01.01.13 and about 04am  Boom !! Kim Tae Hee happened and Boom !! Rain is no longer perfect as we all thought and Boom!! I have no one to admire any more. Just to tell you for you to know I was not madly in love with Rain, i was not all about I want to marry him ( since age 13 i declared to all my family including grand parents that i will never marry korean man) and he belongs to me and he is mine and no one can touch him or can get near him, No No i was not this extend crazy. I have just chosen Jung Ji Hoon as a object to admire to keep my life a bit entertained. If it would be only Kim Tae Hee nothing would change and he would still be my fav boy, but this all army issues made me think and see him a different thing. He should have stayed as a normal soldier, this is ow i wanted him to be and this is why i was so upset when he moved to Seoul for the Promotional position.  I am so upset that his perfect image is now ruined.

Reading all the judging and defending articles about this issue, and  I think none of this is helping him right now, he has made a mistake and his agency explaining y saying that he is too young made me laugh, bottom line – ONE PERFECT KOREAN MAN HAS HIS HEAD AND HEART TOTALLY CAPTURED BY ONE WOMAN WHO TURNED HIS LIFE UP SIDE DOWN.

After all he is just a human being and after all he is Man, i just wish he could control himself for a bit longer and go out from the army as a cool man and keep his status as a perfect man.