Unfading Scars

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unfading scars

creating rough old edges

and make my heart unpretty

protecting own space

though i have healed

but there they are reminding

about pain and lost

about times of suffering

how to forget you

to others you’re invisible

how ask for help

when no one knows that you exist



What are those word, that haven’t been yet said?

they are all written in your eyes

make print of letters on your lips

you hide them well inside your brain

what are those feeling you are yet to show me

they are, do warm your hands

and make your heart beat fast

so i can clearly hear it

what are those thoughts you yet to share

they drive me crazy and insane

they make me curious and wonder,

They make me wanna met you once  again.


day after day, post after post
everybody think i live like a boss
i basically never work and strangle
and never faced a problem in my life

those pictures after pictures that i post
they think i am so happy and never in loss
i show them only happy faces
what with this life of lies and happy faces?

what if i start to post that i am poor
that i have no income and have no clue
what if i say i am always hungry
and never had the dream to live of my very own

will they believe or try to help me
will they extend their helping hand
or may be they just simply block me
and never wanna see me once again

i Photoshop my life on daily basis
i show them life so they can envy
will you agree with me right now?
when i say you Photoshop your life


when i have said goodbyes to all my past relations 

when i have said enough to crying all alone

when i have finally decided trying living

this when i’ve realized i want to love again


Its all because my heart is never tiered

or hurt by thorns of love and being scratched

I guess it always heals by new beginnings 

I guess it always ready for a marathon

and every time i promise to myself i won’t abuse it

and at the same time dive so deep into the pumps of it




Letter to my heart

My dear Heart, please be strong

So that i can keep going on

And if i have failed, i am sorry for that

i promise in future i wont be so bad

You are only power i have to survive

i promised to be your home for a life

i’ll ask you more often for guidelines and signs

My heart, please forgive me, for choosing wrong path

I am sorry for blaming for taking so deep

i hope that you’ll never make me so weak

i thank you for beating one beat at the time

you are only key to my lonely life.