My hate and love

his is so opposite of what i have imagined

about man i would so fall in love

I hate his smile, his voice does drive crazy

but yet i love to listen when he talks

I even think sometimes that i’ve been punished

for looking and for waiting someone else

right now he’s sleeping right beside me

the man i hate and love the most

that thinest line between my feelings

i am trying hard to find

because when i will cut the borders

all that i want to have for him is love



I’m regretting those regrets

thou they are part of living

i hate those hates I’ve made 

Coz they have made my life uneven

and i have done what I have done

Just simply coz um human


Mistakes and lies connect like puzzles

creating picture of a man kind life






there is someone in this world who hates me

for something i have said or ‘ve done

and there is someone in this world who loves me

for just a silly smile i smiled


if you are one i’ve hurt; forgive me

and if you love me come to me

if your hate helps then please continue

if you still love me; please love me still


for me it means that i am just a human

and it has proof that you’re alive

for me its just believe that feelings

is guiding our souls through lives


there is someone in this world i hate

for something they have said or ‘ve done 

there is one someone that i can love

for letting me to smile that silly smile