My Grandfather’s song

Many years had passed, I think my Grand Father was already 70, when I have witness the meeting of my grandfather and his first wife.

She had recovered and left the city, married and had another daughter, and thanks to the daughters they have reunited after many, many years. They could not look straight into each other eyes and I felt more sadness for my Grand Mom, because at that moment she felt very uncomfortable. They exchange few words in Korean, she refused to stay for dinner and left. It was the last time they have ever met.

It’s been almost 5 years since my grandfather left this world, to continue his life with the pretty angels. He was sick for about a year straggling with the failed liver. I saw him for the last time just a month before he died.

Only after he left, my Grand Mom had started to talk about her life with him, I have never knew till then how unhappy and how angry she was all those times. She was keep on saying that my grand father never loved her, never cared about her, because he could never forget his first wife and forgive himself for giving up on her. Thou for my Grand mom it was a love marriage, he was in love with my granddad when they have met, as for my grand dad is was just an arranged thing, he was forced into that by his own aunt and older brother.

I don’t know if he met his first wife in heaven, but I hope they did. I hope they had a very long conversation and said to each other all what they had to say for so many years. I AM SORRY, I LOVE YOU, I FORGIVE YOU.

But i will always remember my grandfather singing to my grandmother on her 60th birthday. I remember the tears of my uncles and aunties, because to was his token of appreciation for all those years. It was the only time for many people who knew him, including me and my parents, including my aunties and uncles. it was for the first time and the last time we all heard him sing.

Next week i am going to see my grandmother, and when I am going to her a hug i am gonna hold her tight like no one did before, and i am gonna tell her that I love her, like no one told her before.



My Grandfather’s Other wedding

After I moved to a new school it took me a while to adjust, but thanks to my first teacher, i was a disappointment for my new teacher.

Of day my grand parents finally visited us and i was waiting for my grand father with the school group foot from the previous school.

– GrandDaddy, my first teacher look at her. Do you remember her? she said she knows you and she was at your weeding.

My Grand father looked at the picture for a while and said that it was so long ago he doesn’t remember.

Then i gave the same picture to my GrandMom and asked her.

– She was at your wedding, may be you can remember her?

she looked at the picture and said in Korean

– I think it was the other wedding.

By that time i have learn to hide my ability to understand Korean, because i used to play the game called Spy and i was my Mom’s spy every time I was with my father’s parents.

OTHER WEDDING was in my mind for a long time, i think it took almost 10 years to find out what she meant.

My Grand Mom was my grand father’s second wife.

to be continued…


there are some days when i feel sorry

for many things i haven’t done

for things that i forgot to tell you

how much you gave me in your life

Today i miss you more then ever

i miss your eyes and warmth of words

for you just living in the planet

i miss you and you are not around

i want to tell you, hope you hear me

you were the greatest Grand Dad in the world

you are the person i needed always

to guide me thought my present life.

I want to tell you that i am thankful

for you to chose me as you blood

for all your love for all your patience

for you i am thankful all the time

no matter what they say about you

for me, you always be the best

the best of man the best of human

the best what happened in my life

you were my happiness then sorrow

now you are living in my heart

you were my hero now my angel

but you will always be my Grand Dad whom i love