G Dragon, Who are you?

I don’t know what made me write this , I think i got under the spell of his craziness and young spirit.

G Dragon a member of Big bang, the leader of the group and amazing public person.

Wikipedia will give you the whole more details on him if you want to know more. All i want to write today is about GD and why he makes me shiver.


GD dare to wear a red lipstick and still look cool



Have long hair wig and still look crazy and wow


Have rainbow hair and gold outfit and he will make you wear the same.

Looking at it, you probably say to yourself that you would never ever wear this and you would never ever pull this, I am sure you won’t because you don’t have GD special young crazy spirit to live the life till the foolest and coolest. 

I envy him, with all the meaning of the word, I envy him because he live his life as he wants to, and he show people the way he wants people to see him, as if he wears his soul on top of his body. 

Would he be the same if he is just a normal boy from one of the Korean streets, i think he would still find his own ways, NO i think he would still be what he is right now, if not a singer he will be just a cool celebrity, but still he would be someone who would shine in the crowd.

His combination of raping, song writing and style is something unique and something that makes me shiver. Every time he comes out with something interesting something eye catching and ear pleasing, he is one god in Korea entertainment world.

No Dont take me wrong i am not in love or any sort of things, i have no crush no fillings for this young man, I just have my eyes hypnotized by his style and my ears are under the spell of is music.

Image Image Image


I want to shake his hand and i want to say him one word “BRAVO”

i wish i have a 5 % of his spirit and talent, i bet my life would be more interesting to live.