forget the race forget religion

we have been friends for many years

without thinking that we ll make it

we have been through so many fails 


remember when we’ve met each other 

i think that we were just so young 

but yet we’ve managed, yet together 

not as a couple as a friends 


and people think we are those lovers 

who just can not admit the thing 

we do admit we good together

just as we are just as good friends


look now as we are growing older

we don’t need all those words to say

as we already have each other

as i have you i am this brave  


with you i think i am the master

of all the masters in the world

just that you are right next beside me

i always be myself against all odds


I want to thank you with this poem

for coming in into my life

and only thing i want to ask you

next time reborn again as my best friend