My mom’s evening makeup

Since I was small I had looked at my mom putting her makeup on daily basis. In the morning and evening, even on her days off. I remember her trying different ways, always trying our new lines, new colors. Every time i saw her putting makeup in the evening after shower, i was asking her is she is going out, but she would always say ‘NO”, when i will ask her why she is putting her makeup, she would say “Just like this”.

When I grew a bit older, my mom’s habit dd not change, still the same morning makeup and evening and always during her days off.

Now my mom is retired and she is most of the time at home, but makeup is always on, in the morning and in the evening.

No like my mom at all, i was always preferred free make up look, i loved my hair simply straight down and with age i have started to apply aging preventing creams and oils. Very very occasionally, due to some events, i would put my self together but applying BB cream and Mascara, and again no lipstick.

One day during the family dinner, my father said to me, that i should use makeup, and start to look after myself, “you are not a teenager anymore`’ he said. Though during my teenage days I loved putting makeup but he always scolded me for that, but this not why i don’t like makeup. I don’t like putting make up because the make up i able to put is very simple, even if i put it on, people will never see the difference, the reason i can not make complicated makeup with super eye lines and do smoky eyes, because my left eye is very week and i can not see with it properly, so if i close the right eyes i can not draw the pretty lines, so no matter how hard I try my eyes are always uneven. But i can never say this to my parents, in order not to make them worry.

But back to my mom. Once i had my friend visit my family with me fore few days. He was really amazed by the way we follow the traditions at home and how clean my mom can be in terms of the household. He was telling the story about this visit to everyone. And once, while telling the same story to one of our friends he said that he never saw a woman as my mom, he said that my mom should be an example to all women. He has notice that my mom will brush her hair and change her close to take the trash been outside and she was always does her make up retouch in the evening before my father come home from work. BEFORE MY FATHER COME HOME FROM WORK. So this how i have learned why my mom was putting evening make up on everyday, till now, on daily basis, for more then 35 years.



the shiver
just the plane touched ground
the joy,
my eyes can see this place
where i belong right now, with mind and soul

the heartbeat
faster with the breath i take
the tears
bring smiles of those who look at me
and i am happy waiving at my family

and time
at double speed again
and time
i can’t control again
those days will turn into the greatest memories