One moment of my life I want to remeber

I was standing in a long taxi que for about 30 min and some smart !@#$% man was trying to get a taxi before anyone for sometime and no one was saying a word, I’ve stepped aside to through something into the garbage came back and another !@#@# man from the que was shouting at me for cutting the que, till others said that I was there from the long time. When I asked him ” are you shouting at me because i am a woman and you feel brave? why didnt you say anything to that guy who is trying to get a taxi avoiding a que for a while now?” All the women said ” Yes !!” i guess he will remember this for a while.



I can hear the car’s horns outside my windows

and a smile is written on my face

i shall celebrate the winning glory

of Dubai people, who had won with grace


I believe that we are now united

and no matter what is our race

this is such a precious moment

when we all just wonder what is next.