What Korean tourists buy in Dubai

Todays is my lazy day and while I am on local leave I have decided to make few blog entries on my long forgotten page.

I currently live and work in Dubai. This year in September I have visited my family who is currently relocated to Korea and my sister was about to marry a Korean man. Before I left Dubai I have decided to make a research of what should I buy as a present for my friends and my soon to be brother in law and his family. I have read in one blog posted by Korean tourist recommending few things it was a soap, cream and of cause some sweet dates. In my opinion it wasn’t a good choice so I purchased other things to present.

In November my sister came to Dubai with her official husband for a honeymoon sort of time. They have spend a good two weeks here and it was a time for me to learn about my new family member.

There  are few things I have learned by the stories and explanation my brother in law gave me and I have noticed that several times my brother in law ignored my advise of opinion, not in a rude way ofcause. I have made hotel booking for them as a present in a very expensive 5 star hotel resort and when I have told them the name of the hotel for him to make a research in the net he told me that it is not expensive it is only 190 usd per nights. I told him it is not possible because I am a travel agent and I know what I am selling and what is the real coast of the room per night at that hotel. The name of the hotel is Jumeirah al Qasr and average room rate in November is about 600 to 800 usd per night. He showed me a site in Korean where the same hotel is only 190 USD for the same dates I have booked for them, he would never believed me if I would not told him to try a book a room to see the original price. Ofcause in the end when he pushed book, the site gave him and original rate of 800 usd per night.  I have as well offered them to go and watch a La Perle show which I have enjoyed a lot, my sister was excited and they went for a show, when he came back he was so amazed by the show and first thing he asked, why Korean tourist never mentioned anything about this show in their blogs. I offered him to write one but he was to into this.

So a few days before their return, we have decided to go shopping, I wanted to buy some gifts for my parent and send them with them to Korea and brother in law wanted to buy some souvenirs and gifts for his family. When I asked him what he will buy he said that he had read in the net that he should buy this and this. And this is when I was shocked and realised that he is about to buy the same things I wanted to buy after reading the blog.

So these are three items that all Korean Tourists buy in Dubai


  1. Ladubag Soap original.jpeg

2 Fade Out Cream


3 Himalaya Cream


It was almost impossible to offer or suggest to buy other things, plus he would even know where to buy those items cheaper.

I send them back to Korea and few days later me and my friend went grocery shopping so I wanted to show my friend what exactly my brother in law had purchased.  When we have approached the place where all those items were displayed I have noticed a group Koreans mingle in the same area, so I told my friend that I can bet the tree items this group of Koreans will buy and I have told her all three things and we just watch them to pick up exact the same soap and creams,  I could not stop laughing and my friend too.

So my conclusion is simple, Korean people trust only Korean people, and they will only follow the blogs written by Korean people.

I would like to hear your opinion on this one


One moment of my life I want to remeber

I was standing in a long taxi que for about 30 min and some smart !@#$% man was trying to get a taxi before anyone for sometime and no one was saying a word, I’ve stepped aside to through something into the garbage came back and another !@#@# man from the que was shouting at me for cutting the que, till others said that I was there from the long time. When I asked him ” are you shouting at me because i am a woman and you feel brave? why didnt you say anything to that guy who is trying to get a taxi avoiding a que for a while now?” All the women said ” Yes !!” i guess he will remember this for a while.


I can hear the car’s horns outside my windows

and a smile is written on my face

i shall celebrate the winning glory

of Dubai people, who had won with grace


I believe that we are now united

and no matter what is our race

this is such a precious moment

when we all just wonder what is next.