what a beautiful night

and we meet again

hello and how you’ve been

you read my mind, and i can read

-i am fine its been a while

what a beautiful night

we stand and look and here come the smile,

the one i love the most

i missed you, come see me every night

you read my mind and i read

– i am always by your side

i blush and you still smile and here come the tears

that always by my eyes

i want to hold you in my arms

you read my mind and i read

– if you will cry, you will wake up

you making steps one at the time but i cry harder

i almost reach your hand

i am sorry

you read my mind and i read

till the next night


Saldaga ~ As i Live

there was a dream i dreamed about my wedding

a white lace dress and high heels shoes

i walked in a slow slow motion,

with my emotions towards you

There was that song that played on a deemed background

and with the notes of it I start to cry

because this was my dream day wedding

and song was in my head before i felt a sleep

I cried but kept on walking and song was playing on and on

i cried because the song has ruined

the dream day i have dreamed,

the day that yet to come

Saldaga Saldaga Saldaga

Uldaga Uldaga Uldaga

Saldaga Saldaga Saldaga

I was humming i was dreaming i was crying



Drafted Life

My life with dreams that never happened

so much alike with blog in draft

tomorrow may be on a weekend

i’ll try correct it then publicize


My dreams are taken further day by day

by busy life that hard to manage

they are like dusty books on shelves

awaiting for the day when i will read them


why can not just decided to make

the bucket list and try to follow

day after day week after week,

till life has finally has meaning