One of my friends told me the other day “I am excited about my future, even if i am facing lots of shit right now, i am still looking forward to live this life ans see myself in 10, 20 years”

my first thought was ” wow” and then “is he trying to impress me?”.

Of cause if you will ask me i guess i am too, wondering what future will bring, i even wonder what tomorrow will bring to me, by the way i am having a very important job interview tomorrow, that might change a lot in my life, a lot is like a new direction, new filed, new people. But……

Present, today, right now is making me so busy that i have no time to think about future at all, unless i have sort of arrangments made for a weekend.


if you read this, let me know how often you think about your future, and if you think i really need to change my life and start to think only about future, and not how to survive today, right now, this moment,

You are right i am not living in a Jurassic park when i have to watch my back and try to survive, but still my life is very similar to it.