Here’s to those who wish me well and those who don’t can go to hell!



Corssroad… traffic light… and me

I am standing now at crossroad of my life

and traffic light is showing yellow

I have few seconds to decided

few second just the seconds

and all my body starts to shiver

and brain is out of control

i am who standing at the crossroads

will have to now decided my life

another second gone with nothing

i have less time to think

the traffic light has change the color

it’s red …. Oh Shit!

You.. All I see

I see the valley down the mountains

the field of flowers so wide

`I see the river I see  clear water

I see it all with every look into your eyes

I feel the blessing every morning

each day I feel like dancing on a road

and smiling to the people makes me

feel like i am out of my mind

I run to you to hold your hand

and call to hear you breathing

i look at you to  find my life

your eyes have all the meanings

Lost… friend..

Am I this bad?

to make you talk about me as object

what did I say?

so you can twist the knife so deep

I rather hear it

let truth be shocking i will take it

if i was wrong

forgive me for your pain I’ve caused

I’ll treat you well

we have been friends forever

I’ll take it all

the blame you have for me inside

what did i do?

to have those scratches

inside my soul that made by you

Little Brother


one day, when you and I are old

in house full of people

I am sure I’ll start a talk

about the times when you were little

I’ll tell you everything i can recall

from moment you were brought into our house

how small and sweet you were that day

with tiny hands and little mouth

how you were curious and naughty

how much you loved to eat french fries

and how you ask to cover you with blanket

before you go to sleep at night

you were so lovable and drove me crazy

you loved to kiss me all the time

and how we cherished every evening

with you for making brighter our lives

without you my life would be so empty

just thinking of the happiness you brought

above of all ,just being your old sister

is present that been give me from God.

Unfading Scars

Image result for fading scars of heart

unfading scars

creating rough old edges

and make my heart unpretty

protecting own space

though i have healed

but there they are reminding

about pain and lost

about times of suffering

how to forget you

to others you’re invisible

how ask for help

when no one knows that you exist

Lessons of one sided love

one day

the day will come and you will tell me

that you have done, and no more waiting

for love that never had reply

for love and time that had passed by

One day

That day then i will tell you

that It’s been long, but worth of waiting

that I have always knew you’d come

because the waiting all I’ve done

I’ll tell you

that watching you to love another

was painful but at the same

it was a lesson to be patient

it was a lesson how to love

But now

i am gonna wait for day to come

and keep on watching keep on learning

those lessons of one sided love

that you’re so good at teaching