Вопросы и Ответы 

за окном уже рассвет,

а я глазом не сомкнула

В голове ищу ответ

На вопрос из неоткуда

То ли жизнь сплошная мука

Толи мука зто жизнь

Не могу найти ответа

И ворпоса тоже нет

За окном уже светло

А я только засыпаю

И во сне как на яву

На вопросы отвечаю


Present…. is Today


is day that over

and tomorrow

day is yet to come

may be it’s a present

that you need to open

to find out

what you have right now

if somebody could have told you

day and time when you will die

you would cherish every second

every second will be live

think of present as a last one

you will never get it back

live it so you can remember

every day of your own life.


Narrow … Walk

Image result for narrow streets with bricks walls

the narrow street

with side tall lights

it takes me to nowhere

and I just walk

and i just wait

for lights go off

for sun to rise

then i will see

that street still narrow

and all i have is bricks on sides

the side lights soon

come back to live

while i still walk

my walk to nowhere

will never change

there’s no way back

because the road

that left behind me

is long enough

as long as life

has been too long

My sister, Pig lady – Upcoming Korean Movie

Drama on a sofa

I have came across a very interesting poster


Yes, It is Hwang Jung Eum, at first i was thinking it is a poster to her new drama She was Beatiful but then I have dicovered a new upcoming movie that actually was filmed in 2012.

The movie English title is My Sister , Pig Lady but the exact translation from the Korean title will be a Woman like pig.

The movie is about secluded place in a village by the sea, were the only one unmarried man had been the target of three single women.

Another reason why i would watch this movie, its Choi Yeo Jin, I am so in love with her acting and her perky personality. I always thought of her as an actress with the brave and sexy looks.

Here is a short trailer for this movie

Will you watch it?

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Corssroad… traffic light… and me

I am standing now at crossroad of my life

and traffic light is showing yellow

I have few seconds to decided

few second just the seconds

and all my body starts to shiver

and brain is out of control

i am who standing at the crossroads

will have to now decided my life

another second gone with nothing

i have less time to think

the traffic light has change the color

it’s red …. Oh Shit!

You.. All I see

I see the valley down the mountains

the field of flowers so wide

`I see the river I see  clear water

I see it all with every look into your eyes

I feel the blessing every morning

each day I feel like dancing on a road

and smiling to the people makes me

feel like i am out of my mind

I run to you to hold your hand

and call to hear you breathing

i look at you to  find my life

your eyes have all the meanings

Lost… friend..

Am I this bad?

to make you talk about me as object

what did I say?

so you can twist the knife so deep

I rather hear it

let truth be shocking i will take it

if i was wrong

forgive me for your pain I’ve caused

I’ll treat you well

we have been friends forever

I’ll take it all

the blame you have for me inside

what did i do?

to have those scratches

inside my soul that made by you