Heart Space

I am looking for realtor, my heart space is available

the space is very specious, it has a lot to share

i am looking for person, who handles things with care


Я пришла 

Вот стою я у тебя за дверью

Тихо капли злез раняя на щеку

А ты слушаешь меня, но не жалея

Говоришь, за чем же ты пришла
Я хотела просто на секунду

Вспомнить то что не вернуть назад

То, что ты все так же не жалея

Попросил меня с собой забрать
Нет не думай, я простила

Все уже давно прошло

Я уже похоронила

Чувство, что когда то жгло
Я пришла но не вернулась

Я пришла в последний раз

Я пришла но не проститься

Я пришла чтобы уйти опять



I am a human of this universe

and not so different from the others

i live my life because it’s given me

and trying hard, because it’s puzzle

i am not the one with super powers

and not the one with magic looks

i am  just normal human being-ish

who loves to write and cook sometimes

so this is all about me

you like it or you don’t

but on the other side of all of it

i think i love to love the most

Have you ever ……. Loved this far?

Have you crossed the ocean just to breath an air

that he breaths every day

have you sent him hundred letters

knowing that they won’t be read


have you always spoke about him

like he is a peace of you

have you ever, ever , ever

thought that he is feeling you


have you been to places he’s been to

on the posted photographs

have you thought that it will come to you

with a big reward and him, perhaps

have you did it all for him

even he is not an idol

even he is not a star

even he is not so famous

just because the way you  are

A Day

imagine putting day on draft

and later start it over and re live it

edit the seconds add the hours

erase the bad thing out of it

why can we do it? why can’t re live it

why time can not be stopped

why all we use is trash bin

how many days we have in it

each day is written with the ink

we can not scratch we can’t erase

that’s why let’s think before we start

and learn to live it accurate


when newborn screams

and old soul leave the body

when young man lost his spirit

and find it in the node

when woman cries of beating

and wants to be forgiven

for something that she never did

When looking at the mirror

with body thin as thin line

and yet she wants to be unique

when man in love with other young man

with happy rainbow

he dances on the street

when someone lonely

in place that full of people

and thinks that love does not exists

when childless mother watch her nephew

and cries at nights before she goes to sleep

when all this happens in a life we live in

what should we do to make it better place

because this round circle

perhaps will never ever end

My own beggar


There is a beggar down the street

he never asks for food or money

he always stands there with the sign


and you will never find that street

and you will never find that beggar

because he’s hiding well inside of me

because i gave him place at my heart corner

and he will stand there with the sign

and wait for moment that is right

and one day may be i will let him in

so he can leave the street that no one ever seen

Why all this love?…

Picture of me 2

Why do i love someone so crazy?

someone, who’s happy living with out me

someone who is so loved by many

why cant i love someone who loves just me

why do i think of him each morning

and every night before i go to sleep

why do i always dream about him

why do i always live for him

why my heart think that he is fuel

it gives a harder pump for him

why my eyes think that he is something

that sparkles every time when i am with him

what makes you….


what makes you feel so warm and cozy?

just little pillow by your side

or may be just a silence with the rain drops

that make a music out side

what makes you feel so safe and so secured

just only person sitting next beside you

and you can always say for sure

there is no other thing can scare you

what makes you feel so loved and welcomed

just simple understanding of your mind

when just a glance at you its written story

when words are silenced, while the mind is read

My Cry…..


today my cry is waste of tears

i am crying for a nothing

because i never took the fight

to find that precious something


I cry to nowhere and nobody

can see the reasons of my tears

i am wasting water that preserved me

and let them go, I let them be


I cry for nothing and feel something

because no meaning has it all

i cry because of something

i never had to place it in a nothing spot


no need to understand me

i need to find myself

no mater how and when I’ll find it

I’ll find it and I’ll cry again