Ode To My father ~ Movie review

Ode to my Father

I am not a movie critic,and sure not a movie expert, but after watching  Oder To My Father, I could not resist to write about it.

I wont tell the plot of the movie and i am not going to describe the characters, I just want to say few things so may be it will make to watch it too.

There are feeling and you will be able to feel them through out the movie from the very beginning, there are few funny Forest Gump moments, but still you will need your tissue box ready.

No stress after it, not bad feelings, no disturbance, just this feeling of burdensome, the life of one man, the life worth lived and promise that has been kept.


If one day you feel like time has stopped, if one day you feel like everything is going apart, if one day you will just need to cry, or you need a proof that your life is not that bad; Watch it! and let me what you think.



One Like, One Chair and Two lives

The story I almost lived


It was forced vacation, that was cracking Nina’s life for the past two days.

Suddenly, she was bored, with all her friends working and only her being home, and so lazy to go out even for a window shopping.

“And why i was always dreaming about having a time for myself and look at me now? What was it, the thing i always wanted to do when i have lots of free time? Ah Breakfast at Paul cafe, but not by myself. Ah Read a book by the beach, but its too hot now. What about those yoga and Pilates classes that i could never manage on time for? Need to check the schedule.”

Nina put the coffee cup at the desk and turn on her mac.

– Let’s see.

She went to the fitness class website to check the schedule, she have noted two classes in the morning and…

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Job Hunting

I am doing a job hunting for the past couple of month, and with current situation in the world, its not getting anywhere.

I was not panicking till this week, when I started to get replies from recruiting people and from HR people that I am over qualified for the vacancies i am applying for.

Question: Is this good or bad?

First, if i am applying for this job for the salary you are offering, why not hire me, if i am over qualified will i a be damage for the company ?

Second, why ask me for salary package I want, before even ask me for an Interview, saying that I am suitable for the job, and then come back to me and ask if I want to Negotiate? Where is the logic in all this? How can I negotiate anything with out knowing what this company has to offer and what the terms and conditions.

and Third, why call and ask when i can join, and never call back? By the way i said i can join immediately.

In my 17 years working experience, this is my first job hunting and its something I yet to learn.

Apparently, there are some rules I am not aware of or the whole job hunting thing, has some kind of special way of understanding things.

If you have any ideas please share with me.

It what I feel right now

it takes my breath away

it makes me shiver

it takes the thoughts away

it makes me flow the river

it what I call the magic

it what i feel inside

it what feels like i am screaming

it what i wanna see

i can’t control it

i can’t resist

i can’t just wait till morning

i am sending you a message

“are you asleep?”

Suddnely, Love

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Kim was looking outside the car windows, so many beautiful houses were in that area it was so much different from the big and noisy city. – What are you thinking about? Dad asked her – I hate new beginnings she said without even looking at her father – I promise…

It’s been a while, my Mom

it’s been a while i’ve looked at you

and notice your grey hair

its been a while i’ve touched your hand

they use to me so fair

when did you grow so old my Mom?

the line around eyes

when did you got those dark spots?

where did was I?

Still as you are you’ll always be

so beautiful, so precious

no time can ever beat your charm

you’ll always light the air

so beautifully, you’ve grown me

with never ending trust

so full of love, you’ve raised me

and always very proud

its been a while i’ve looked at you

with eyes of proud daughter

its been a while i’ve told you how

with you my life is greater


it feels like yesterday

but years has gone

it felt so real

yet it was none

it was so close

but it was far

it was so clear

yet in the dark

I move on forward

yet still in past

i did my best

yet not enough


don’t leave me till this music on

because it was a part of us

don’t leave me, till it is still alive

and brings the memories of us

it has our firsts and now our last

it has the good and bad of us

it plays the meaning of what we had

i know it wont be long, it came to last

Don’t leave me till this music on

it has its soul and it had a life

just give it chance to find the end

because we owe this music what we had

Wanna DO

Like yellow brick that has been layered

to hold the other hundreds bricks

Like automated door felt like a robot

with motion sensor on the top

Like dirty window always covered

because it has no pretty view

like i was born and raised to live on

with out being ask, what do i wanna do