Life, Train, Station

my life is like train and platforms

and wondering if stations right

will next ride take me to the places

where i can find where i can try

another train another worries

or may be i should wait a bit

and may be finally someone will tell me

its yours, its time, let us take ride

and when i am moving towards something

this time i am a little brave

because somebody finally has told me

that everything will be alright

and then i will start  slowly planing

what i will do and how i will

and start to dream and learn conditions

of how to live this moving life

its not the motion nor the stations

its opportunity to chose

that i am scared that i am worried

to take the wrong and not my train



What are those word, that haven’t been yet said?

they are all written in your eyes

make print of letters on your lips

you hide them well inside your brain

what are those feeling you are yet to show me

they are, do warm your hands

and make your heart beat fast

so i can clearly hear it

what are those thoughts you yet to share

they drive me crazy and insane

they make me curious and wonder,

They make me wanna met you once  again.


Why you wanna fly Blackbird you ain’t ever gonna fly
No place big enough for holding all the tears you’re gonna cry
Cause your mama’s name was “Lonely” and your daddy’s name was “Pain”
And they call you little sorrow cause you’ll never love again

So why you wanna fly Blackbird you ain’t ever gonna fly
You ain’t got no one to hold you you ain’t got no one to care
If you’d only understand dear nobody wants you anywhere
So why you wanna fly Blackbird you ain’t ever gonna fly

Bitch and Goddess, Lip and Heals

let your hair fly as free

let your lip be red like cherry

let your eyes be deep and smoky

wear your heals

and let us go!

stand so tall

and walk like goddess

kill a man with every step

let them see you

let them fear you

let them fall for you at once

fell like one

with mind and body

move like you are snake in dance

look a head

look at your future

look at yourself from a far ahead

smile the confidence

say stronger

never show them anything

let them wonder

and die from guessing

let them wanna see you once again

you are woman


and goddess



daughter and a wife

but before you are a nature

that creates the life on earth


it hurts

it makes you scream

its never gone so easy

it runs

the venom in your blood

and make you spill the hate notes

it has an anger

has control

over your mind and body

its like you wanna scratch your inner soul

its what we call misunderstanding


You heal my thought and my desires

You heal me every single day

Your eyes you nose your lips is magic

The powers you have is so beyond

You healed my life with your appearance

You gave me one more chance to breathe

I am survivor and i am patient

You are my rescuer , you are my cure

With every look that  you have gave me

I am much stronger then before

With every second that you love me

I am much better woman then before

And every time you are around me

i feel so safe and so secured

you are healer, my inspiration

i am so calm, so loved when i am with you

Don’t Follow My Mistake

Don’t follow my mistakes

And live this life

don’t think about tomorrow

today is precious

So do you

don’t hide yourself

don’t be a closet

Don’t follow my mistake

and love yourself

cause nobody will love you same way

work hard

play harder

and never stop

the childish you inside you

don’t follow my mistake

and always say i love you

to every person in your life

they can be gone


before its late

reach out

don’t follow my mistake

learn every day about something



and play guitar


even if you  are a torn deaf


like you can fly away

don’t follow my mistake

and never hurt you

the wound will never heal

say if its hurts



but never try endure it

Don’t follow my mistakes

share what you have with others

your smile

your warmth

your understanding

its worthier then millions in money

when they will get you as you are

Don’t follow my mistake

believe that you are beauty

your eyes

your lips

your soul

God gave you all

God never made you ugly

God made you to be loved

Love through the windows

She used to watch him play guitar

from her room window, every evening

She used to wait till he’ll go home

to see the lights on in his window

She was in love but from the distance

he didn’t even know her name

they used to live in opposite buildings

for many years for many days

`She kept her windows always open

so she could hear him play and sing

then she will slowly move to window

and look at him under the lights of streets

She used wait for him each morning

so she could walk with him to school

and walk behind him and his girlfriend

and hiding heartache everyday

now years had gone and in another country

she’s watching secretly his page

he is musician and he is famous

her distance bigger but her love the same

she owns guitar but never played it

its all she has to think of him

she never sold that old apartment

with windows looking at his flat.