the shiver
just the plane touched ground
the joy,
my eyes can see this place
where i belong right now, with mind and soul

the heartbeat
faster with the breath i take
the tears
bring smiles of those who look at me
and i am happy waiving at my family

and time
at double speed again
and time
i can’t control again
those days will turn into the greatest memories



its late at night, i am standing here
and crying loud in the dark
the door is closed but you can hear
my weakness now, and i am ashamed

i know its done we closed all chapters
i know there is no way back home
where we were happy and together
we now apart but still alone

I came today just for a moment
and moment turned into an age
i came today just to remember
but memories has turned into my tears

Don’t take me wrong i know its over
and just like you i am all done
i came today to bury feelings
and funeral has just began