Another day of our lives

How beautiful can be the string of sunlight, through the window curtains

when everything is going right in life

when nothing in your mind aside this warmth of thin line

that makes you feel so much alive


How wonderful it is to know that morning

is just a new beginning of the day

when everything is so much normal

and new day brings you nothing but the joy


So just forget about all your problems and look at life

where every morning is a clean page

and every thin line of the sunlight is a hope







Saldaga ~ As i Live

there was a dream i dreamed about my wedding

a white lace dress and high heels shoes

i walked in a slow slow motion,

with my emotions towards you

There was that song that played on a deemed background

and with the notes of it I start to cry

because this was my dream day wedding

and song was in my head before i felt a sleep

I cried but kept on walking and song was playing on and on

i cried because the song has ruined

the dream day i have dreamed,

the day that yet to come

Saldaga Saldaga Saldaga

Uldaga Uldaga Uldaga

Saldaga Saldaga Saldaga

I was humming i was dreaming i was crying