So we are only couple of days away from new year and the usual question to be asked


To be honest i have never ever made any resolutions  because i always knew I would never follow it,

This year is not different from any other year, but deep inside i know i have to make too many commitments this year, one of them will be to control my shopping spending another will be to continue with the gym and another make few new friends.

i am not gonna officiate this and call all those three my official resolutions, i just gonna say i am gonna try to do my best.

Where do you think i can get more new friends? I have many people i already now, shall i try to make them my friends? or shall i try to find completely new people.

Gym i snot a problem i think my usual two time a week is ok

shopping shopping shopping, Dubai and no shopping its like computer with no memory storage. or like iphone without app store ot Itunes.

urghh !!!



thank you for reading all my nonsense

its been a fun to have you all along 

a special power you’re giving 

with just a look at my poor blog 


i know i am too far from being writer 

too far from being someone cool 

my writing here makes me calmer 

and helps me to express my thoughts 


thank you for like or even comment

thank you for opening this page

thank you for make me feel less lonely

Thank you!!!!  you are my Bless


this Xmas is a bit more lonely

than it was last year but of cause

right now i feel my self much better

when i have you and my mix tape



xoxox Natalya

Merry Xmas my beautiful followers



there is no words for me to say today 

my mind is messy 

there is no thought that come along 

i feel so empty 


i wanted write today about feelings 

but i feel iffy

i wish that i could say some kind of words

i think i am lazy


i want to know what i do want

i guess its nothing

i want to cry my eyes and soul

but tears are missing


my mind is missing ……………..




come down to earth my friend and touch

you feet against the ground

so you can feel the life as it is

without blings and proud

it is so simple to be human to feel to live to realize

its so much fun when you are stable by heart by mind and by my side

stop flying high and stop pretending that you are king

on planet earth

we are so equal we are so simple with both feet standing on the ground

You may have money, and position but do you really have respect

from people watching you

are they really do love you like your real friends can do?