you are like heavy doors that closed

protecting own spaces

and like the locks, you are so stiff

but still i feel so welcomed


you are so stubborn like a mountain

like book so opened at the times

and when i am with you while your arm around me

you are like angle guarding world


my life is now and its all about you

the way you are with dorky look

and just the way you like to match the colors

we match each other like black and blue



I can hear the car’s horns outside my windows

and a smile is written on my face

i shall celebrate the winning glory

of Dubai people, who had won with grace


I believe that we are now united

and no matter what is our race

this is such a precious moment

when we all just wonder what is next.





forget the race forget religion

we have been friends for many years

without thinking that we ll make it

we have been through so many fails 


remember when we’ve met each other 

i think that we were just so young 

but yet we’ve managed, yet together 

not as a couple as a friends 


and people think we are those lovers 

who just can not admit the thing 

we do admit we good together

just as we are just as good friends


look now as we are growing older

we don’t need all those words to say

as we already have each other

as i have you i am this brave  


with you i think i am the master

of all the masters in the world

just that you are right next beside me

i always be myself against all odds


I want to thank you with this poem

for coming in into my life

and only thing i want to ask you

next time reborn again as my best friend

















crazy Love

I want to ask for your permission

to be just shadow in your life

you ‘ll never know about my existence

and i will never say that you are mine 


Allow me just to walk behind you

once when i meet you on the street 

allow me always dream about you

at night when stars like you are shining bright


you are allowed call me crazy

allowed never notice me

and even if you know i am hurting

you are allowed walk away ignoring me.


i ve chosen love from one side only

believe me its not bad as seems

when you can love some one so strongly

it makes you live it makes you to believe.




Drafted Life

My life with dreams that never happened

so much alike with blog in draft

tomorrow may be on a weekend

i’ll try correct it then publicize


My dreams are taken further day by day

by busy life that hard to manage

they are like dusty books on shelves

awaiting for the day when i will read them


why can not just decided to make

the bucket list and try to follow

day after day week after week,

till life has finally has meaning


Letter to my heart

My dear Heart, please be strong

So that i can keep going on

And if i have failed, i am sorry for that

i promise in future i wont be so bad

You are only power i have to survive

i promised to be your home for a life

i’ll ask you more often for guidelines and signs

My heart, please forgive me, for choosing wrong path

I am sorry for blaming for taking so deep

i hope that you’ll never make me so weak

i thank you for beating one beat at the time

you are only key to my lonely life.

Missing you

today no sun, and its all grey

the solar fever running through my veins

its burning blood, its crushing bones

it makes me Scream and tear my chords

i am in pain and tears won’t stop

i am laying on the floor that cold and had no help

I call your name but you can’t hear me

i call your name to come and see me

I loved you before

when words has been vanished and feelings are gone

when tears are dried out and hearts say no more

and rather i say ” i hate you right now”

and stand here and say ” I loved you before”

before not right now, out hearts were as one

the look at each other was signal of love

and it was so wild and crazy and kind,

the love that we have no longer to find

Lets turn us away before we are fine

before we could hate before we could lie

before we could lose the moment to say

“I loved you so much with heart and my mind”

No need to look back and search for an answers

no need for excuses no need for a chance

we need to begin our lives from beginning

and open our hearts for new love to come