Conversation with myself

I asked her softly yesterday

“how many tears you’ve got?”

she looked at me and with the wet brown eyes

she said ” the day i die, the tears will die”


I looked at her and asked again

” how many tears you’ve cried?”

she looked at me and said ” Enough”

i said myself “enough”


I turn away from her and walked

and she was gone as well 

and lonely mirror on the wall

looked empty looking through the world





Groom and Bride made

he was a groom and she was bride made they met each other everyday on wedding planning on rehearsals they met each other everywhere   she was a bride made of a woman who was so sweet and kind to her she was new comer to the city she hardly known anyone .   Bride […]


why do i love the rain so much?

i guess it so much me alike

i cry when i feel so unhappy

and rain comes only when the sky is grey

sometimes i cry when i am happy

like blind rain in the summer with the joy

but its so seldom with occasions

i wish i have more happy rains

As along as …

there are few things i can not say i am gonna keep it while in silence   i will just wait for you to understand may be one day you’ll break the wall that build in me that keeps me quiet   Please don’t be rushed i still can live like this and slowly get […]


i retrieve the memories and feelings from the dusty pockets of my mind like a box of treasures, like a photo album music makes me travel through the times.   it will take me to the happy places, once that made me smile it will take me to the sorrow may be if i want […]


A dusty photo album in my hands i flip the pages with the pictures and see the faces i forgot and people i will never mention   there is one picture of the crowd and we are happy holding hands i wonder if somebody had us on their picture as I have   Will even […]

I cried

I cried

i thought its gonna help me not to think about you

i cried

i hoped its gonna wash away.. erase you out of my mind

i slept

and thought the life will gonna get much better

i slept

and thought you will comeback one day

i am awake

and pain is stronger and yet you are still gone away

my tears has made me so much weaker

the sleep has made me slow in act

i am awake

today is same as yesterday

i am awake

are you are still the one who walked away




Stubbing …

What happened to the sunshine lately

why rain does sounds dull

why wind is messing with my hair

why is it me who have to move


I am not a pushing over subject

I wont give up my place on earth

i am a fighter for my living

i am gonna show you all my wrist


I will forget you never ever

for stubbing me and make me hurt

this pain i am gonna carry 

to not forgive and stop regrets 


you soon can be another person

who will be feeling happy but

remember this my grinning teeth

they will disturb you in your sleep.


You think of me as someone easy

you think of me as idiot

then look at idiot whose smiling

into your face, with great revenge




we are a strangers now

It’s weird in a way I feel

 when you are standing right in front of me

How many years it has have been?

Me too forgot and lost the count now


I look at you and you have changed

I know; i don’t look younger, neither

Oh Boy! how many years it has have been

That my heart even doesn’t tremble


Remember love we had those days

My love for you had super powers

I was afraid myself for that

And you was always very quiet


How have you been? I am engaged now

I hope you too had found your love

The way you look at me is strange now  

I guess we are, we are a strangers now