Two Rings Part 3

For the past few weeks Rick was busy running around, doing small appearances here and there, he did few interviews, few stage performances, good things was that he was not banned to appear in major broadcasting companies so he was saved and still had good chances to be back to the stage of getting more visible.

Rick had song’s ready for a new album, and he needed a bit of investment, he had already sold his house and moved to a small villa with this sister, nothing fancy but very comfortable, he felt like he started from beginning, but yet he was telling him self, better to start from beginning with the clean page then from complete zero with no chances to return.

He met the writer he knew from other dramas he made, who had a drama for him but yet looking for the production company that will accept the drama with him in an lead role. Everything was into money, and patients is all what Rick has in his pockets.  

 He was training hard at the gym keeping his body fit, he was lucky the membership he had from the sport complex before his army that had life validity was not cancelled. Rick had before the face of the complex and they were very happy to see him back there. It was one of the biggest sport complex, with the best gym facilities, in door and our door pool, shopping arcade and coffee shops. The annual member ship and it was not easy to get a entrance to this place, so mainly rich people and people in show biz were welcomed there. Rick loved to sit at the lobby coffee shop after the training, he had chance to meet old friend there and got introduced to a new people in the market. He had yet to learn lots of new idols who had debuted right after his enlistment, other than that he just like to be there, sit and watch people.

 –         Noona!!

Rick heard very familiar voice

–         Monkey! What are you doing here?

Alex quickly got down on both of his knees and raised his hands up, in one of the hands he had paper roll. Lean looked at her brother with the suspicious eyes, then without being control her self she smiled

–         Get up and explain what you are doing here

Alex handed over the papers to her sister.

–         Noona Please !!

Lean was going through the papers and then looked at her brother

–         Didn’t you forget anything?

Alex looked at the her sister and then and the man standing next to her

–         I am very sorry Mr. Lee, please forgive me!

Alex gave a bow to a man and greeted him

–         Are you ok Mr. Lee, I am so happy to see you, hope your family is ok. Did you wife like the gift my sister picked up for her?

Mr. Lee was standing dressed in black suite and with walky talky in his hands, he was family body guard.

–         Yes thank you young master!

Alex looked at Mr. Lee and with the disappointment in his eyes said

–         I asked you so many times not to call me that way, and address me only by name.

Mr. Lee smiled and Alex and relied

–         Yes Alex, thank you everyone is fine. I am glad to see you, you are growing to be a great man as your father.

–         Ha- ha. My father? I am growing better person as my sister.

Lean raised one eyebrow and said

–         I never teach you how to butter up so cheap.

–         Noona!! How can you say this about me, you know I am being very honest

–         Ok I can see all your transfer papers are in order, Mr. Lee I guess you won’t deny that this is work of your hands, I just wonder how you going to control this monkey later when he will grow up into ape. And who do you think Dad will react on this?

Mr. Lee coughed and with apology written on his faced said

–         Lean you know better than anyone that Alex can not stay away from you for long, and plus if you will inform your father he will not be agree at all, as long it will come from your side. And I will do my best to hide him till then.

–         Hide? No hiding, he has no time for hiding he will report to school on Monday no breaks, if he wanted to be in Seoul he have to leave the life in a full mode, Busan was easy on him and I was, but now everything is changed.

–         Noona?!!

–         Yes Noona has changed as well, I won’t deny that I am happy to see you here, and I knew that sooner or later this will happen but you should learn how to inform me and your father and at least as for the elder’s opinion.

–         I understand.

Lean looked at her brother and she couldn’t hide any more her happiness to see him, and finally have him around. She turned to Mr. Lee and said

–         I want to spend sometime with my brother, please transfer all his staff to my apartment, please inform my dad we will have dinner with him today, and you may leave us for today Mr. Lee, this is an order. I missed my brother a lot and I have lots and lots to talk to him about.

Alex was so happy to hear it and he jumped of happiness, he again gave a bow to Mr. Lee hugged his sister and said

–         shall we go to our usual place in Meyon dong?  

–         Oh I forgot about that place, we must go there right now.


 When Lean moved toward the exit, Alex asked Mr. Lee almost whispering

–         how was noona this days?

–         Busy

–         Good busy is good

–         Yes!!


Rick witness everything what happened, he then looked around to see if Tina was round too, but she wasn’t, he wondered, why he is keep on bumping on this family, and then he thought that it might be a good things, cause may be one day he will bump into Tina and will be able to ask her out on a date. He had a smile on his face while thinking about it.

Jang was Rick’s friend from before, he had treated Rick as his older brother, and it was rick who helped him in the beginning.

–         What are you doing here all smiling?

Jang sure surprised Rick with this appearance from nowhere.

 –         Hey you!! When did you come to Korea?

Both man have hugged each other and give a very loud greeting.

–         I have just arrived, I saw your twitter update so I knew I will find you there, still can not change your old habits?

–         I am so glad to see you Jang, it’s been long time, I heard everything about you, you are doing great, keep it up!

–         Thanks brother, how is things with you?

–         I am working on it.

–         I help !!

Jang took his phone out and made a selca picture of both of them, made a funny post on twitter

–         how long you going to stay in Korea this time?

–         For some time, will star shooting new drama next week, so I came back to get ready.

–         Cool!! So we have chance to hang out, I will need you help, you know that

–         No worries man!! So how about, lunch, then dinner , then clubbing

–         How about we just star with lunch and see how it will go on.


It was first time for Rick to enter this night club, club called “ heaven”, he heard a lot about this place but he never had chance to visit it. Club was big and very well maintained, from face control till the private top top vip rooms. Club was for members and guest only, so if you have a membership you are allowed to bring with you only two guest at the time. Jang had booked a private room, and all his friends were there, half of them Rick knew already another half he had chance to meet, young woman dressed in all famous brand you imagine were passing by to say hi to Jang. The private room that hey had, had a big glass window, so you can easily notice everyone on the dance floor two waiters was inside the room to assist with the drinks, the place was dissent.

– How do you like the place?

– Very dissent I have to say. Do you come here often?

– Every time I am in town

– Do they keep this room for you all the time?

– no way they have in total only 3 rooms like this and we have to book in advance, I booked it while I was in states knowing I am coming J 

– jeez!!

On the opposite side of the club Rick could see the same room and it was full with young guys in their early twenties, they were very hyper, talking very actively moving and dancing, they sure had lots of fun. Rick was trying to recognize any one from the idol groups but he couldn’t

–         Jang, who are this guys? Just look at them how come they managed to get in?

–         Ah this is the son of the owner, this room is actually the 4th room and it is never available for rent. Its his place, I haven’t see him for a while he comes very seldom, I heard he is studying abroad or something, so every time he is around he comes here with his friends, Crazy staff, this guy walks around with body guards, few times I saw him sitting there just with one of the bodyguards talking for hours, another time I saw him with one lady, I don’t know who she is, but when she comes to check on the boy they act funny. Oh see she came 


Lean entered the room, she was dress in simple black nothing fancy small clutch in her hands, as soon as she opened the door all the boys freeze and like a soldiers bowed to her with greetings, in return she gave them a bright smile she asked them if they are feeling comfortable and if they need anything, then she asked her brother to step out with her.


–         Rick want to go down for a fresh air?

Both Jang and Rick were standing on the terrace, the terrace was outside and at the same time inside the building, it had 4 tables with chairs and it was so convenient, in other clubs you need t go out and deal with staring passing by people which was not comfortable at all, here everything was don’t for people like Jang and Rick for people is show biz who don’t like to be disposed, smoking or drinking. Rick then noticed Lean entering the terrace with the same body guard he saw her at the complex, she was giving him instructions

–         Mr. Lee you know I don’t like when Alex spend too much time here, please make sure you always keep an eye on all of them, one leaves the room you follow, make sure by 1 am they are all out of here and you personally one by one deliver them to their door steps. Please Ask Mr. Baek to arrange some food for the guys and soft drink. I shall wait Alex at home bring him home latest by 2am

Mr Lee gave a sign that he got everything

–         I will take you home first

–         No you stay here I am going to take a taxi

–         Lean you know I will never let you do that, and if your father will know

–         My father will never know about it and we know what to say to him if he will caught us one day, I promise I will call you once I am there.

Alex came out as well and looking for his sister 

– Lean i shall have a ride home with you and then come back with Mr. Lee

– it is not necessary and it is not polite for you to leave the guest, they haven’t see you for quite sometime, so please don’t make me drag you there myself.

Alex knew Lean will not let him any way but he just wanted to try, his sister was always noting but acting right. He just placed a scarf around her neck and said

– I know you won’t sleep till i come back, so i promise i wont be late.

Lean looked at the scarf and relied with the smile, touching her brother’s face.

– I have ma lot to catch up with, after spending a day wondering with you in Seoul today, so don”t worry about me, just have fun, and tell guys promise is promise. 

– OK i will see you at home.

– alright Monkey !!

Alex left the terrace, Lean exchange few words with Mr. Lee and left as well.

Rick and Jang just smile at each other, then Jang said

– Monkey? haha that’s why that room called Money zone. I wonder if its his real name.

– his name is Alex. And i really don’t know why i keep on bumping at this family. this is like third time

– Really? May be it is fate 😉

– very funny ><, but you know what i don’t mind because they have another sister, and she is damn everything i want in woman. 

Jang kept his head down and lighted another cigarette.

Manager Shin was 40 years old, and he was managing this place from the day it was opened, he knew all the people come to this club, all the members and their guests, he had brilliant memory, he talked less and always saw a lot. He greeted both guys and asked if they are enjoying the place, Jang was very regular at the club and Shin always checking on him.

– Shin you know everyone and everything about this place, can you tell us more about the Monkey and his family.

Shin Smiled and Jang and said

– there us nothing much i can tell you, one thing you need to know if they wouldn’t be dissent this place would not be as dissent as it is.

– what about the daughters

– Lean, you just saw, she is the creator of this place, this was her first work, she did for her and for Tony, this is place were she used to hang our with him in a Heaven zone which is now called Monkey zone. Tina is just back from France, she is to be biologist and now practicing in Daedu, Alex is studying law. 

–   Does Tina comes here often……

Before shin could reply Jang drugged him and told him its time for them to return to the room. On the way to the room Jang met a young boy, they exchange few words, and than guy followed him to the room they had.

– Rick meet Bong, he is soon to be debuted, I found him here dancing, this guys is new version of you.

Bong bowed and said

– I am so honored to meet you, i am your fan since i was a kid.

– when it was yesterday?

Rick smiled at him and taped his back

– how come you are in the club, how did they let you in?

Bong just pointed at the room opposite

– I am with the guys, we are allowed to come here under the supervision, By the way i need to move before they start looking for me. It was nice meeting you.

Jang then notice Bong was holding a gift box in his hand.

– is the guy having a birthday?

he asked pointing at the other room with his head

– No, it is for Lean, i came late and did not catch her, i was on the way to drop it into Alex’s car

– Its her birthday today?

– No i just bought this as a congratulation for a new contract she just got here in Seoul, and i am so happy he is back in town. So i just wanted to give this to her as a welcome and congratulation gift.

Rick looked at the boy and wondered what he got her, what possibly a young guy give a woman who has everything

– what did you get her? If you don’t mind me asking you.

– i went to Jeju last week and I bought her a scarf, the one that made by local people there. She used to have the same, but she lost it when last time we flew to Singapore. 

– How come you never told me you are so close to the family?

Jang was very surprised, asking him.

– there is nothing to brag about, they are just nice people and i am just happy to have them in my life. Now sorry i really have to go back, i have notice Mr. Lee wondering in the dace floor looking for me. I think i will be scold. 

Bong quickly run out of the room.

The same week, Rick had two agents approached him with the contract, but after learning them he had refused to sign, he knew there was nothing to chose, but still he was trying for anything better than what he got offered. None of the companies were ready for a full force push for him, when he was 100% ready. He spend more time with his sister, helping her with the new school he had treated her with few new cloths and shoes, she was now young pretty lady, and looking at her, he was thinking that he will need to start earn good money soon in order to pumper her sister at time to time, she didn’t wan her to feel as she was extra weight on his shoulders. He wanted to give her everything she deserved.

One of the day he was surfing the net and he just typed ” young and Young” in a search and read a  lot about the company, he found pictures of children and of course there were lots of articles about Lean and Tony, not many pictures of then together were released, only couple that they have taken in States, and then only pictures of Lean and her family, that were taking during the funeral. Then he has noticed the date, it was exactly that day today two years ago. He picked up the phone and called Jang 

– Hey today’s Tony’s second year anniversary.

– yes i know, all the family is in heaven, three of them, they just came into monkey zone the curtains are closed so i can not see anything.

– Tina?

– yes she is there as well.

Rick got dressed and went to the club, as soon as he entered the room he has notices Bong siting kin the room too, he was wearing black suite, lok like he was attending the ceremony as well.

– whats going on? Bong what are you doing here?

Bong greeted Rick and said

– waiting for Alex and his sisters, they have asked me to be with them, but i couldn’t, i remembered Alex told me last year, that they came here as well, and both sisters drank till they passed out, and Alex just was pouring the drink, they drank glass after another, saying nothing much, Lean was crying non stop and Tina too, Alex said that he had a feeling this would never end. But i know this is the only day when sister’s drink this much.

– Did you know Tony?

Rick asked

– yes i knew him a bit

– did you know they were dating?

– yes, and they were perfect couple, i dream to have the same when i find a right girl like Lean

– why are you waiting for them, are they going some place else?

– no but we guys never leave her till she enters home.

– guys?

– they all are down, today we have each black Mercedes to drive, now when Alex will come down with his sisters, we all go gonna follow them home. Alex arrange the cars for us every year, we help to transport Tony’s family and friends, and later come here.

Rick went down and saw the guys standing in front of the club, all of them were dressed in black, two body guards were watching them, he thought that today he won;t have chance to see Tina so he has decided to leave, as soon as he entered the car, he saw guys running to their cars then he saw two more cars came to the entrance, the door opened and he saw Alex coming out of the club with Lean in his hands and Mr. Lee followed him with Tina in his, both got entered in different cars and all 7 cars moved one after another, making impressing escort. Rick started the car and followed them till the end.

                                         End part 3