Two Rings Part 2

Year 2011 

Lean was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and sort of watching TV

“Rick has been discharged from the army today; hundreds of his fans were waiting for his outside the camp……”

–         Alex! Time to get up

She scream from the top of her lungs, and took file with the note on it “sign”, she went through papers again and put them back at the kitchen table

–         Will you sign it already or throw it already, it’s been a week, do you think they still wait for you?

Her younger brother was fully dressed with his school back; he drank a glass of orange juice and came to kiss his sister.

–         Good morning Monkey!!

Lean removed a scarf from his neck and said

–         it so spoiling the look and you don’t need to wear it to school.

Alex put a glass on the table and put a scarf around his sister’s neck and said

–         What about date tonight, we play goy stop if I win you sign the contract if I lose we move to Seoul.

Lean smiled at her so smart brother and said

– what about you go to school right now and I will figure it out on my own and please call Tina, you haven’t spoken to her in few days. 

As soon as door get closed, Lean picked up the papers again and with holding them in one hand she picked up the phone and pressed 1 on a speed dialer.

– Dad!! its me…….. 

– Sam, Do you think it’s right for me to go to Busan for this show? 

– This is the only offer we have right now and we need take it, we have to take what ever comes right now and never say NO! keep using Yes sir yes as they taught you in the army.  So you have 3 day for rehearsal.

– Ok! I understand, I will do whatever it takes and what about the transfers papers for Helen, she is not going back to Jeju, she is staying with me, please can you pull your strings and make it happened. I want her in a best school, any she wants.

– you were very good tonight Rick, you were good as before like you were not leaving this for a second.

– thank you! whats next ?

– we will see tomorrow, it’s only beginning, but we sure need to find someone to invest in you plus new endorsements will be good right now.  I shall keep my ears open, you don’t worry.

-How long will the train come? 

– we have another 20 minutes, Coffee? 

– No, i want to have a nap in the train 

Rick was watching passing by people, he was not hiding, he was not wearing sun glasses, he understood that people forgot him, there were no one to ask for his autograph no one ask to take a picture with him. he covered his face with his palms and for a second he wanted to return to the times when it was so different. 

– you are Rick right? i am sure its you! 

He opened his eyes and saw young man standing in front of him wearing PJ and scarf around his neck, and he was holding an Ipad in one hand and mobile phone in another.

– OMG you are Rick!! I am your biggest fan, Can i take a picture with you?

Rick got confused for a second and was thinking he is dreaming but then he realized it was real

Sam came and looking at the boy said

– you want me to take a picture of both of you together?

Boy bowed and said

– thank you!!

After taking a picture, bowed and thanks them again then apologized and run away. 

– Let’s go we need to move the train is coming

said Sam picking up the back from the chair

– I wonder what this boy is doing here in PJ.

Sam smiled and said while moving

– there are so many strange people now a days, you never know may be this guy is a psycho.

– I don’t think so.

They saw the same guy running at the platform and calling out for some one

– Noona !! noona!!

– I am here monkey !! What are you doing here?

-Noona, so many times i asked not to call me Monkey in public! This is must be a last time !!

Lean smiled and made few steps back, took her camera and made a picture of her brother.

– this something i want to remember later!!

she said laughing to make it a bigger peek at her brother.

– Noona, you forgot your toy.

he handed over her an Ipad and then took as scarf and put it on her sisters shoulders.

– My Mo… My Alex is such a grown man now, Thank you!!

– Noona have a safe trip and I am going to miss you so much, please try to visit me soon.

she hugged her brother and said

– I will see you this weekend. Now go back and try to sleep, don’t be late to school, I will call you later in the afternoon. 

Alex watched his sister moving toward the train and when he was inside he shouted

– Tina is running tell her hi from me

Tina was running to catch the train, she didn’t even notices Alex standing on a platform, she jump into to train, breathing heavily.

– I told you this boy is not what you think he is.

said Rick watching him from the train window, then he made him self comfortable on his sit and was about to close his eyes when he saw your lady run into train. 

– Lean !! here you are

she sat with the same woman he saw with that boy at the train platform.

– Oh come here princess, come let me look at you. Today you are more beautiful than ever, even half sleep and your messy hair.

Tina gave a hug to her sister and kiss, they smiled at each other

– but yet still everyone loves you more than me.

– don’t say that way, every one know who is the real beauty of Young family.

Rick could not take his eyes of the beautiful young lady, she had fair skin, great body and great fashion style, she was more beautiful than any actresses he saw in his life, and her smile was angelic. He as well noticed that she was from a rich family, from the brands she was wearing and caring.

– Let’s call Dad before he is asleep.

Lean picked up and ipad and called him with the video call. Tina quickly greeted her father and made her self comfortable on her sister’s shoulder it was a minutes before she felt asleep. Lean was talking to her Dad for a while discussing the contract and other points and after wishing him a good night she closed the line. 

Rick was watching sleeping lady and then switch his look to another and have noticed that they were so no alike and if their sister, no one on earth would say that they are, both were totally different. He saw how Lean looked at her sister while she was asleep, then removed a scarf from her shoulders and cover Tina with it, then she went back to her papers. Then he closed his eyes and felt asleep, in about 30 min he opened his eyes and first think he did looked at Tina, she was still asleep on her sister’s shoulders, then he looked and Lean, and suddenly got awake. Lean was leaning at the window and tears were running down her face, she did not wipe them, she just let them fall from her eyes, she didn’t sob or make any noise she was just quietly crying, tears were like a rare rain falls coming down from her eyes, all she was doing is playing with the necklace. ” what is she thinking about?” 

Rick suddenly wanted to know, someone’s phone rang very loudly and made Tina and the rest passengers to wake up, Tina looked at her sister, then she was not surprised to see her sister cry, there was no reaction at all, like it was normal like it was supposed to be like this, she just took the scarf and wrapped in over Lean’s neck removing her hands from the necklace, then she wiped the tears from her sister’s face with the tissue, made her put her head on her shoulders and slowly glade her hair to make you calm down.

Rick find it very interesting watching both of them, he wondered more abut then he wanted to know what was going on.

– Sam!

Sam was reading something in the internet looked at ricks.

– you are awake there are good comments about your performance today.

– Sam look and those two girls, Do you know one of them, that one on the right is must be a model or something, she has everything to be in show biz?

Sam look at the girls and type something on the net than said

– the other one on the left is Lean Young, she is daughter of Dan Young, the owner of the Young and Young group of companies, they are mainly into construction business. Lean was fiance of Tony Lee, who passed away 2 years ago in a helicopter flight with his mother and father. It happened one month after your enlistment.

– Tony Lee?

– yes! 

– they were engaged for about a year, and was about to get married, right after his death someone published pictures in the internet of them together in states, it was a big thing, they were together for 7 years. She later gave an interview, they have met when she was studying in US, Tony that time was in US filming CF for their company. Apparently Tony loved her a lot, he did his best to protect her privacy and his own, everything was so secret for so many years, only few people knew about their relationship. 

– how was reaction?

– by the time all this happened people could feel noting by sadness, they felt sorry for her and lots of people were writing to her and sending her condolences, later she moved to Busan i heard she moved there because his aches were spread there, so one sad she moved there because she didn’t want people to feel sorry too much towards her.

Rick remembered how everyone was so sad when Tony had died, he was on a peak of his career, he was good actor and had even break in Hollywood. Tony was all women dream man, every woman in Korea wanted to be with him, he remembered even how top Korean actresses were making move towards him. rick met him couple of times but he never had chance to work with him, but during only few time they met Rick knew that Tony was a real man of his word, very kind and he always respected all his colleagues and people working with him in the same field. he looked at Lean and watch her sleep, she made a move with her hand and the scarf moved and he finally could noticed two rings hanging on her neck.


Funny episodes of my childhood ~ what that means girls has become a woman

It was just another summer I was spending at my grand parents house, those years I remember, all our extended families used to come visit my grand parents for weekend, we used to all hung our in the evening in our open kitchen at the big dinning table in the yard.

My parents used to visit me there during the weekends and enjoy some fresh air and nice fruits and veggies from my garden. That year I have become a woman, but who would tell to a 10 years old that getting her period means changing form girl to a woman.

That time everyone used to watch an Italian series called Sprut with detective Cattani, so in one of the episodes nanny informs him that this daughter turned into a woman.
After trying to guess myself so a few hours, i finally gave up and ask my uncle, yes not mom not granny i asked my uncle.

I am sure my uncle didn’t feel like laughing as i did when i suddenly remembered this all, he just told me to ask my dad again not go and ask your mom he told me go and ask your dad.  I think we have same structure of the brain.

I have waited till my dad come to visit me, few days passes and of course  forgot about this at all while enjoying the summer with my friends, lucky my uncle did not and he reminded me to ask my dad.  And I did.

I remember my dad and my uncle were looking at each other trying to hide their emotions but i finally got a reply. After hearing him out i said OK and continued enjoying the summer nothing wrong putting into my head,  not even understanding the point that i have actually turned into woman myself. Reminding you that i was only 10, so i have an excuse and  my mom to blame and her genes for early ability to mature.  But thinking about it right now, i feel a bit ashamed of this question and very sorry about it in front of my uncle.

Uncle I am sorry 😀




Two Rings Part 1

Year 2009 Seoul

Drunk he was sleeping in his bed in a luxury apartment in the heart of the city, with the 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, big hall and huge terrace.

Rick was wearing black suite, black shirt, and black tie, he was sleeping in his bed on the top of the blanket. He was so drunk, he could not hear anything, he was dreaming nothing and he felt nothing, he drank so much to make himself numb just for a few hours so he won’t think anything , he wanted to have blank mind just for a few hours.

Helen entered the room, looked at her brother, while tears were running down her face, she was young in age but very mature in mind, so many time she used to find her brother in the same situation, but she always help him to undress and cover him with the blanket, always made him breakfast. But today was different, even looking her brother sleeping like this made her feel sad and angry, made her feel sorry for all the things her brother had to go through. She let him as he was and went up to her room, were she quietly looked at the family portrait, that been taken during happy days, when their mom was alive and father was still living with them.

– Helen !!

She heard from down, she opened a door and looked down the stairs.

-Mr. Sam!

– where is your brother?

He asked Looking around the hall.

Helen replied while walking down the stairs.

-he is still sleeping in mom’s room

Sam was about to walk toward the only room down stairs, when Helen stopped him by grabbing his hand

– please let him sleep, don’t wake him up. He is very tiered, I don’t want anyone to disturb him now, he is in pain even while he is asleep, he need to rest, he will come out once he is awake. Please!

– Ok! I understand and i think you are right. Did you have your breakfast?

– No i am not in the mood for food.

She sat on the sofa and turn on TV, all the channels were about her brother, all the news were covering his story, she was afraid to look outside the window because she new lots of reporters are now there waiting for her brother.

Sam was Rick’s manager for 10 years from the first beginning, he was by his side, he saw him grow he saw him lose and win, he knew him from inside and outside, he knew all his family he knew all the secrets.

he sat next to Helen, took the remote and switched off TV, he pulled her closer to him and make her put her head on his shoulder, then while tapping her shoulder he said.

– you may cry right now if you want to, till your brother is asleep, but when he will wake up, you should stand by his side, hold his hand and tell him that you going to be there for him day and night, and you have to smile and tell him that everything will be OK. You and your brother have only each other right now, he needs you know more than anything else.

Helen said nothing just let her tears run

– do you understand what i mean Helen?

she said nothing in reply just nodded with her head. 

– good now lets see what we have in refrigerator, we need to make a good breakfast for Rick and for you too. 

– Mr. Sam please!

she grabbed his hand looking into his eyes, almost begging, like a lost child trying to find the ways out.

– can you please tell me how this all happened? how my brother turned in to person everyone hating right now, when only yesterday he was the person that everyone wanted to be with him?

Sam sat back on a sofa lighted a cigarette and said

– you know you brother in anger, when your brother is in anger it means that something is really got him till the bones.

~ the day before ~

–         Camera !! Ready !!

Camera rolled over Rick’s face, he gave a bow and greeted all his fans and viewers

–         Hello everyone, this is Rick! Its been a while since I gave any interview, and I am happy to meet you. Thank you for all your love and support you gave me during these 10 years and now when my new album is released I am hoping for your usual support. Thank you again.

MC started asking him questions everything was going smooth, right questions were asked, right answers were given, everything was going according the script.

–         and now its time for our last question, this question is from your fan let me read it for you

“Dear Rick, I was your fan for so many years I and wish you all the best with your new album and hope to see you soon in a new drama production. My question is about your father and your relationship with him after your mother’s death. I heard that your father has abandoned your mother while she was fighting a cancer. Is it true?”

While MC was reading the letter, camera was concentrating only on Rick, his face was turning read and his eyes were filling with anger, he knew this was all a set up, questions like this was never meant to be asked. No one knew details about his father leaving the family.

–         Rick, will you please answer the question?

He looked at MC who was smiling but as well was nervous at the same time.

“why is he smiling? WHY IS HE SMILING?” it was creaming on his mind.


–         I am sorry but I shall not answer this question, this is private matter and at today I would like to concentrate on my career, I hope viewers will understand me and won’t be angry or disappointed.

MC smiled again and continued

–         well Rick did not denied anything, so it means that everything is true…..

Before he could finish saying Rick raised his voice and asked

–         why can you just live this subject without stupid comments?

He rose from the chair and wanted to leave but before he looked around, and saw nothing but panic in all the production team and the same was written on his own manager’s face who was covering his face with his hands like he was getting ready for something bad, that about to happen.

Rick sat back on his chair and said

–         Dear everyone, I am very sorry for my behavior and I hope will understand my situation. When right time will come I will make a press conference about what had happened to my family and to my father and my relationship with him. But right now I don’t think I am ready for it.

He gave a bow and said nothing at all after that.

–         Cut!

 Rick stormed out and on the way out in the corridor he stopped and screamed

–         who? Who?

Sam quickly run to his side and took him out of the building away from all the trouble before something huge had happened. But little Sam knew that moment thinking that the worst is over, he never predicted that Rick will find MC later and punch him into face wanting to know who gave this information to him. Of course the report to the police has been made and Rick was charge with insult and had to pay fine and later to community work.

This all was last night and today in year 2009 Rick was asleep in his mother’s room and didn’t want to wake up.

While he was asleep everyone and everything was turning around from him, all the promotional activities has been cancelled, all the CF’s offers went down to the drain, all the interviews all the music programs, EVERYTHING has been cancelled. Rick was no longer beloved star, he was now person who couldn’t be followed as example of a good man, now all he was is a liar for not telling the truth about his father.

 2 years ago thousand of his fans were moaning with him, over the lost of his mother, there were lots of condolences and flowers, everyone was supporting him in so many ways.

 –         Sam what will be now with my brother?

–         I don’t know, but we will find the right way to handle it and find the way out of this situation.

–         Please help him, Sam please!.

–         I will sure not leave your brother alone, so you don’t have to worry about it. Now let’s make some breakfast already.

 Sam later woke Rick up and asked him to take a shower, he told him that his sister is very worried and he should not be this way in front of her.

 Rick took long shower trying to clean his mind not his body, now when everything was falling apart he had no one to blame but his father, deep inside he wished for his death over his mother’s, he wish it was him who is dead. His father never supported him in any ways, he never cheered for him never been happy for his achievements, but his mother was always there for him supporting all the way through the hard work. And now when he came to know that it was his own father who sold this information to the reporters he was angrier than ever, for him from that moment his father was a dead man. He recalled all the arguments they had and how 2 years ago right after funeral, his father asked for a big amount of money. “ you will give me this money and I will lease this house with my new woman or I will do everything to bring your career down in a second” and yet 2 year gone he still did it as he said even after he got all the money he wanted, he has ruined his own son’s life.

Rick finally came out and sat at the table he looked at his sister and smiled at her

–         Helen, let’s go to Jeju today? Sam you should come with us, its been a while since we visited Grand Mom I think she will be very happy to see us.

His sister and Sam understood that Rick wanted to visit his Mom’s grave. Helen put a bowl of rice in front of his brother and gave him a hug.

–         Let’s go oppa!! Let’s go !!

Rick nodded in return and started to eat, he ate much and said nothing, after he finished eating, he put the spoon and said

–         It was the best breakfast I had very tasty! Who made it?

How looked at both of them and smiled

–         I am going to enlist into army after the community work, Sam please arrange everything.

My Heartache

Lee Hyun sang a beautiful song called “My heartache” for Gentleman Dignity Drama.

I have always liked his voice and the way he bring the emotions in every song he sings, you can say that not only about songs that have sad feelings and sorrow, talking about other song like “You are the best in my life”and both song of Homme.

Lee Hyun you have made my heart flattered again.

Enjoy the song and dont forget to go through the Lyrics

English Translation
Turn around and look at me, stay by my side
turn your head
You only look at other places like always
you always look at far places
Living while seeing you love that other person
Do you know that is my love for you?
My heartache, only looking at you, not having you with me
I become used to it like a habit so I don’t even know that it hurts
Though tears form, I don’t say anything and I need to smile
But like a habit, I foolishly love you in front of you
So tears come
If you are suffering even once
please look at me
Don’t cry, don’t cry, I pray as I look at you
Do you know this hope of mine?
My heartache, only looking at you, not having you with me
I become used to it like a habit so I don’t even know that it hurts
Though tears form, I don’t say anything and I need to smile
But like a habit, I foolishly love you in front of you
So I smile like this
My heartache, only looking at you
Pretending not to know, pretending that it’s not, pretending I didn’t see it
This is the love that I secretly learned as I met you every single day
Though I long for you, I want to hold onto you, I want to just hug you
But I couldn’t even say the words, I love you, and I turned away
Though I long for you

I hate Love

No, please don’t take me wrong, I do love love its just love makes me stupid most of the time.

in my previous post I have mentioned that music has a special powers over me, there is a new song i would love to share with you today.

“I hate love” by Kim Junsu, Junsu has an amazing voice and if you are really got into him as i do you can always google him, but I have to warn you, you may fall deep for him 🙂

” I hate love” is OST for Rooftop Prince Korean drama, staring Park Micky, who is a member of JYJ together with Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong

here is the song

while listening this song go through the lyrics, i have posted below, i am sure you replay this song over and over again.

헝클어진 내 머리처럼
내 마음속도 점점 엉망이 돼가죠
요즘은 정말 사는게 사는게 아니야
그냥 니가 보고 싶어

까짓 사랑 너란 여자가
뭐가 그리 좋았고 힘든지 모르겠어
눈에 또 밟히는 슬픈 추억을
잠 못 이룰 이 밤 또 어떡해

단 하나 갖고 싶은 사랑
또 버리고 싶은 그 사랑
가질 수도 우~ 우~
버릴 수도 없는 사랑이 싫다구요

너만 보면 나왔던 웃음
입가와 두 눈 표정 기억이 안 나죠
거울을 보면 왠지 낯선 사람
한 명이 이게 나란 말이에요

우린 서로 몰랐어야 돼
아픈게 이런 건지 그때는 몰랐잖아
귀에 또 들리는 니 목소리가
내 길고 긴 하룰 또 어떡해

단 하나 갖고 싶은 사랑
또 버리고 싶은 그 사랑
가질 수도 우~ 우~
버릴 수도 없는 사랑이 싫다구요

내 사랑 잊고 싶은 사랑
기억하고 싶은 그 사랑
모르겠어 우~ 우~ 싫어
이젠 정말 사랑이 싫다구요

가질 수도 우~ 우~
버릴 수도 없는 사랑이 싫다구요
이젠 사랑이 싫어


Like my tangled up hair, the inside of my heart is becoming a mess
These days, living doesn’t really seem like living
I just miss you

I don’t know what was so great or hard about love and a girl like you
What to do with these sad memories that I keep thinking of or this sleepless night?

* The one and only love that I want
And the love that I want to throw away
I don’t like this love that I can’t have but I can’t throw away

My mouth, my two eyes and my face expression from
The laughter that came out whenever I saw you – I don’t remember
The stranger’s face in the mirror is me

We shouldn’t have known each other
We didn’t know that this is pain back then
What to do with my long day filled with your voice in my ears?

* Repeat

My love, my love that I want to forget, my love that I want to remember
I don’t know – I don’t like it, I really don’t like love anymore

I don’t like this love that I can’t have but I can’t throw away
I don’t like love anymore